Happy New Year and All That Sh*t…

I hope you all have/had a festive, safe, and enjoyable New Year!

Me to the year 2022….What a bitch of a year….

Our holidays were not what we wanted with a lot of caretaking on our plate but we have our health (so far) and Dad is still kicking ( so far!). He has fallen several times this week so pretty sure we are going to have to find a place for him sooner rather than later. He has his procedure on Tuesday so think good thoughts that this helps somewhat alleviate his discomfort.

Speaking of discomfort. Remus is still being kind of a shit so rather than throwing everything at him to see what sticks we are starting with a lameness exam (hopefully on Monday) to see if he has something going on. He has had his SI adjusted several times the last year by chiro, he has had his stifles injected (Last year I think?) and we need to figure out what is causing his issues. He is not lame by any means but seems to compensate at the canter a bit by bucking and being a pill. He also is getting grumpier when tacking up too. We will start there and move forward as needed. Never boring having horses right? Of course I pointed him at a cross rail when riding on Wednesday and he put his ears forward and bounced over it. But still he needs to be comfy to do it!

Luna I have not seen in forever. I know she is doing good and growing up but I need to get new photos. I need a 2nd horse like a hole in the head. UGH. But a coming 3 year old is no one’s idea of fun so growing up she gets to do! 🙂

After a -25 windchill last week it warmed up here finally. It also dumped a shit ton of rain (STILL RAINING). The minis went from all bundled up inside the barn in their sheets to being mud pies out in this mess. They are pretty happy though I did lock them up a bit yesterday just to let their coats and feet dry up some. ICK MUD MUD MUD. Must be Winter and Tennessee. If it is not freezing pipes cold as shit weather, it is smarmy and muddy as hell.

Party like this guys….like no one is watching!

Happy Happy New Year to you all. See you in 2023! Let’s hope I get a spark to blog more in the new year!


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