Luna (Where Did that Baby Go?) Update!

Luna will be three in April! I think in April? I finally saw her yesterday because she outgrew her halter and needed a new one. I am such an absentee owner with her. But that baby has grown up a LOT!

While rough and tousled I can kind of spy what she is going to look like when she grows up. Maybe. Do I need a coming three year old to break and ride? NOPE. But she is kind of cute isn’t she??

She definitely has a good side it took like ten photos for me to get the side (her left side when I am facing her) that I wanted. The other side is kind of fugly 🙂

At least she has cute ears 🙂 and coloration.

Remus is doing great and feels pretty darned good. He has had several Adequan shots now and he literally bucked twice yesterday and almost unseated me. Not being pissy. FEELING GOOD. But overall I had a great lesson on him.

And then there are these two ragamuffins. They are pigpens and stand out in the rain and lay in the mud. SO MUCH MUD. UGH.

Happy Monday (Also very tired of stinkbugs one just hit me in the face I was typing this last line). GO AWAY BUGS. 🙂

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