WW: Sorry Very Little Content But Cute Photos (Again)

I didn’t even get to ride this past weekend but luckily one of the younger adults lucked out (or not) and got to ride Remus. He was a grade A shit too. But he jumped all the things. Being very cute doing it. And now we are in the middle of an ice storm so who knows when I will ride again. UGH.

Not Remus but awfully cute!

Remus also had a training ride last week with another trainer on site and she gave me the BEST NOTES for follow up. I think I am going to get her to do a training ride at least a couple times a month for now.

Good thing he is so stinking cute right? Happy Wednesday all. If this Tennessee weather would stop being drunk MAYBE I could have some content related blogging? Or maybe not 🙂

7 thoughts on “WW: Sorry Very Little Content But Cute Photos (Again)

      1. We got TONS of ice. I definitely ate it while walking the dog last night (good thing I didn’t break my leg this time – ha ha ha). It’s starting to melt now, thank god

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