Goodbye Gretchen…

Any of you on Facebook already know we had to say goodbye to Gretchen last week. Unfortunately I was in Atlanta for work for the week, but the time came and my friend Diana helped her cross over with the help of Munford Animal Hospital (a local vet hospital). It was sad I was not there nor that my regular vet could not help but in all things considered, she left this earth happy to eat, and still pain free but her time was very limited.

She was found trotting down the road 6 or so years ago and a local Delmarva rescue ended up with her and we adopted her from them. She was elderly then. She was positively ancient this last year with a huge tumor on her side. Due to her anesthesia reactions she could not go under surgery. So we chose to let her live her best life until she could not.

She was a very good dog and I miss her so much. Ollie and Bernie seem okay but again Gretchen was boarding last week so they probably don’t even realize she is gone.

There is a huge Gretchen-shaped hole in my life right now. But she lived a wonderful life with us. We were lucky to have her for six years.

One of her last photos taken at Diana’s 😦 Still feisty to the end!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Gretchen…

  1. Thank you for choosing to adopt a senior dog. Thank you for giving her love and care for six years. Every dog should be as fortunate as your Gretchen. My condolences to you, your family and your friend, Diana. It is never easy to say goodbye.

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