Checking Back In: Weather is Nice…For Now!

I finally returned to land of the living. Convention is over, though of course as I type we are starting up for 2024. Never dull!

I may have lost control of my horse when he saw the green grass! I have no more strength than a 8 year old at times. Bad Remus.

I am still looking for Gretchen all the time. I miss her terribly. But Ollie and Bernie and the kitties are trying to make up for it.

I finally got to ride Remus again yesterday I think it was like two weeks since I rode. Hence I AM SO sore today. It was a lovely day weather wise and in the 70s and my horse was ahem…lazy. But he jumped all the things. He is doing well on Adequan and hopefully will continue to be less grumpy. He is cantering nicely and I removed my spurs and he is not bucking at all. I have never been able to get him moving without spurs so this is a new chapter for us.

The minis are shedding like crazy in this warm weather. I know it won’t last but it has been gorgeous lately (I mean it rained here the whole week I was in Atlanta) since I got back. Almost too hot honestly but again won’t last. Going to be chillier by the weekend I think.

Tina (and the other two cats too) tried to stowaway to Atlanta the week before!

Hope all is well in your world(s). I hope to also haul somewhere in the near future.
Happy Monday!

actually happened to me watering the ponies yesterday so seemed apt!


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