Weather Woes and OMG I Won SOMETHING!

We had another scary moment when the weather on Tuesday was similar to what we had last weekend. All these tornado watches, weather warnings, you name it. Luckily it all was not as bad as the previous Friday but for a few moments I felt a deju vu. I went out and locked minis up (again), took chimes and bird feeders down (again) and so on.

I got some photos though this time of the sky. While gorgeous it was freaking scary looking too! These photos are showing the storms as they traveled up the Mississippi River which they often do. But a bit of scary rain and thunder and lightning and wind and it passed on by.

Things are certainly getting green here with the seventeen thousand inches of rain we got in March (and now April). HA. Also it is cool now but the 80s the other day showed the GREEN HEAD FLIES WERE BACK!! WAIT you aren’t supposed to be here till at least JUNE! GO AWAY!

me to the green heads the other day!

Meanwhile in other news. I WON I WON! What did I win? A grant to attend eventing camp in Georgia (put on by GDCTA).

How exciting is this? Very. Not only did I win but the fact I won the Old Fart Grant makes so much sense. Since I literally am an old fart as is my horse. The application was that you had to write a letter explaining why you should be awarded this grant. Me write something? Rub hands together in glee!!

And I won! I just heard today. More info coming soon on all the details but how much fun is this?



5 thoughts on “Weather Woes and OMG I Won SOMETHING!

  1. So excited you get to go!! It is already full or else I would figure out how to join you! I was super excited to see a grant for not just young riders be offered!

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    1. I really did not think I would win!! I am so excited and wish you were going too! Considering my hubby lost his job lately this is a ray of sunshine in another wise dull spring! 🙂 Hope your dogs/horses etc are all doing well 🙂


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