Well That Was One Heck of a Weekend!

I was going to put some funny gifs here from Twister, Wizard of Oz, and so on but decided not to do so out of respect for the town above us and others nearby that were struck on Friday night by a EF-3 Tornado. We are so lucky as it literally passed by us about a mile up the road on the river and then turned onto another area and not our immediate vicinity.

We lost power when it went through on Friday evening and did not get power back till Sunday night. We are so thankful for the power returning, for our neighbors (one who lent us a small generator), and for the Chattanooga power company who drove in to help fix lines. As we are a small neighborhood (11 houses) we were not high on the priorities due to the mass destruction nearby.

We had some boards down on the fence line and a few larger trees went down but none near us (all on our land but not near house or barn). The minis I locked up during the storm and am so glad I did as when the storm went by the debris flying by was amazing and crazy. The wind sucked our front door so we could not even open it. The wind was going about five different directions too. It was intense.

The town of Covington has been really messed up. This is one of the towns to the north of us. About 20 minute drive. Other areas near or on the way to there also were hit. Again by only a few seconds this storm could have hit our farm. A big tree fell on our neighbor’s barn Friday night too and the horses were in there but luckily could get out of the open doors. Just a scary time.

I feel like I could sleep a week. We lost some food due to the outage but luckily I hadn’t bought a lot of frozen stuff lately. Ollie was stressed each night I think from the lack of power (Maybe it was too quiet?). I had no internet till we got the generator. The last time I really wasn’t online for more than 2 days might have been when I had the flu a few years ago. Again not an issue but so weird with all that was happening to not get online. Cell towers were knocked over too so cell service was spotty.

So anyway, all is well here. It could have been SO SO MUCH worse. Remus’s barn made out fine too but the one I went cross country schooling at last year was hit directly in Mississippi. All the horses (all 42 of them) are FINE but the barn and property is a wreck. So again, so thankful for the fact we only had the issue of NOT having power for almost 48 hours.

I ended up NOT riding yesterday due to lack of shower and exhaustion. I appreciate that someone rode my pony on a trail ride on a beautiful Sunday since I could not get there!! He had a better weekend than we did!

PC: Grace Catherine (gray ears, such pretty gray ears) šŸ™‚

Off to search for generators online. Now that I saw how easy it was to use, I am eager to get one. If buying one means I never need to use it, I am fine with that! Happy Monday!


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