And Here We Go Again…

I have been meaning to write all week but have not had time. So here is a short one to get you by till next week when maybe I will have more time. No I won’t have more time but we shall see!

Mark got a job! Which is great. But also not great. Because it is in North Carolina (Winston Salem, NC). Yeah we are moving. Again. To be fair we have been here five years this June but still. Anyone want to buy a farm? It is really cute and quiet and so on.

Reasons I don’t want to move

  • My farm
  • My minis (may need to find a new home for them)
  • My friends and barn where Remus lives
  • My neighbors (we have the BEST neighbors)

Reasons I do want to move

  • Closer to Family in VA (five plus hours instead of 15 hours and more)
  • Closer to DC for my work
  • Closer to Aiken (as in 3 hours or a bit)
  • Closer to Emily (May as Well Event 🙂 she just moved to SC) PS EMILY YOU NEED TO BLOG AGAIN MMKAY?
  • Closer for my husband to get to UK (and more nonstop flights period unlike Memphis)
  • Much more eventing stuff going on in NC compared to here!

So there it is in a nutshell. Mark leaves today and I get to get (another) house ready to go on the market. Anyone interested in a pair of minis? A Kubota tractor? I already sold the side by side to a friend at the barn.

Oh and I need to find a place for Remus to live out there though he can stay at Trinity right now as I have EVENTING CAMP in GA in June and have to travel for work too. SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON. And Luna and so on.

Stay tuned…..

Remus says….what?????

So how is your week going?


8 thoughts on “And Here We Go Again…

  1. Oh my goodness, moving again! I don’t envy you. Moving is no fun. But sounds like it’s a more convenient area with plenty of fun pony stuff reasonably nearby. So there are positives! And yay for Mark getting a job!

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