Remus Gets All Fancy!

I know I know I have other updates to make but for now let’s just let it sink in how gorgeous Remus! Jenna McNair at our barn is not only a perfect instructor but has a wonderful eye for taking photos of horses and boy did she come through with some nice photos of the fat buckskin! (I completely forgot she was doing them so opened my text and was like oh what is this and squealed in delight).

SO PRETTY. Such a kind eye he has. Thanks Jenna!! They are lovely and I will cherish them. I won’t get any printed till I actually MOVE but I can keep them plastered all over my blog and my computer.

Fat Buckskin cleans up quite well, right? The one below shows how he really felt about the whole ordeal (Stoned, tired, you name it?) Same Remus, same! 🙂

Happy Monday!


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