Fall Has Arrived, For Shizzle!

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Leaves are falling, temps are dropping at night mostly (though still a wee bit warmish in the daytime), horses are growing in their winter coats with a bang. It was a busy week at work last week and I haven’t had a bit of time to do a damn thing with my horse or even find a saddle yet. But I have a feeling of optimism for some reason. It is Fall after all, and even though I haven’t gone to school in 30 plus years, I still get excited when the weather cools up and it is time to buy school supplies. Fall always makes me think things are possible. Then Winter arrives and I want to hibernate (or at least nap)! LOL

tumblr_inline_o5sd1hsPVT1ss1lam_500I went to see my dad this weekend so no horsey adventures for me but I hope to get back into it soon, there is a combined training I want to sign up for for Sunday maybe, I am helping a friend out at Plantation this Saturday (a young OTTB who needs babysitting while she is walking the course), there is a paper chase in a few weeks I want to go to, I am going to try to get a lesson in with Emily and Sally both in the next few weeks (ESP before Sally goes bye bye to Aiken which is usually around Thanksgiving). Holy cow the next month is going to fly by!

In foot news, I start physical therapy tomorrow. The heel is improving but now I have a touch of tendonitis  with a dash of ankle issues from compensation with the heel. Always something!


Hope all who read this blog had a fantastic, more horsey weekend than me! Keep on kicking! The weather has been amazing though I would take a bit more chill in the air please (it was 80 at my dad’s this past weekend and we were doing yard stuff. BLECH).

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Nothing like a little Seinfeld dancing to chase the Monday blues away. COME ON WEEKEND. You are so so far away!

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