Do These Dapples Make My Butt Look Fat?

Nothing much happening so figured I would do a photo update on Remus!! I went out the other night and brushed him etc. He was still out when I got there so when I got him out of the field and left Lakota and Sterling out, he thought he was something SPECIAL and was getting fed early. WHOHOO he was mad when he realized he was just being put in cross ties. Cranky pants for the win!

Remus once he realizes food is not coming yet…

But I wanted to show the many dapples coming in with his winter coat (his winter coat has exploded in the last week). So lots of buckskin media below!

download (36)
Hi mom, do you has food??
download (38)
You only put me on crossties while you get grain. right?
download (37)
I start the pawing trick to make you feed me faster..
download (40)
You annoy me now, do these dapples make my butt look fat??
download (41)
Now you get the grain? Please…grain hungry grain. Now.
download (44)
Why am I back in field? I don’t understand? is this a joke?
download (42)
Hmmph. Bitch
download (43)

Disclaimer: Shawn was making up the feed buckets when I turned him back out, he was coming into eat in about 10 minutes. SUCH a drama queen. LOL But don’t his dapples look cool…..? Any other horses getting dapples or changing colors due to the impending Winter upon us shortly…? BRGHHH

I can feel the cold coming it is coming I tell you!!

13 thoughts on “Do These Dapples Make My Butt Look Fat?

    1. no he is in good weight for him. I just hope he doesnt lose weight like last winter. He still gets so little grain it is not even funny. We did up his hay some going into winter but we still have so much grass he doesnt even finish it all over night!


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