Day 13–A Video of You and Your Horse

Remus one day maybe??

I don’t have any new videos of Remus and me (must remedy that!) so I will just post a couple older videos below to make this blog done for the day. They are worth a laugh anyway.

This one bears re-watching only as the laziest Quarter Horse in the world, trots through the water then gets a one handed bat to jump the jump. LOL OH REMUS.Β  Could you be any slower (to be fair it was hot as eff that day as you can tell by my face)?

And this one too. Makes me laugh. COME ON REMUS.


I may have watched this ten times before using itΒ  LOL

SHOPPING!! I need to fit my saddle out. Best stirrup leathers? What do you like? I have a pair on there that were on my Zaldi (i.e. at least 10 years old) and they don’t go up any further (must measure them, am I shrinking??) and for jumping I want my stirrups shorter. SUREΒ  I could poke a few more holes in them but this saddle deserves a new set. I like the webbers idea how do you all feel about them? Of course, now I am intrigued by the Lund Stirrup Leathers, thanks Patently Bay! More enabling!

I need a monoflap girth in brown or two toned color and just started looking for it online. recommended the ovation one but any other recommendations? I know The Everything Pony also recommended one. Put your recommendations in the comments if you have a second to help me out πŸ™‚ THANKS….my MDC’s are still going but I notice the bed is actually rubbing a bit. I am surprised how much wear and tear they get considering how little I ride. HA. But they will keep going for a while so no stirrups needed yet.

The cool thing is the lighter brown on the saddle matches the Lund breastplate perfectly. As long as no one looks up his neck and sees the mismatched Eponia bridle we are cool. πŸ™‚


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17 thoughts on “Day 13–A Video of You and Your Horse

  1. I have the total saddle fit girth for my dressage saddle. I have had it… maybe three years? I am abusive to my tack (I have tack cleaner… it just rarely gets used), and it still looks brand new when I clean it up. I bought it because May has a forward girth groove with her big shoulders. Riding Warehouse does sell them, and then you can take advantage of their “up to 1 year” return policy.

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  2. I love my Lund leathers too, they’re super nice. I tried a couple other monoflap girths, including the TSF, but Henry just really liked the cheap one I guess. The Devoucoux one rubbed him and the TSF gaped a lot in the front so the pressure was super uneven. First time in his life that he’s preferred the vastly cheaper option of ANYTHING.

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  3. Oh Remus. GOOO!! lololol Love it! Seriously if you ever make it out to Vegas you need to come for a spin on Amber lol I definitely want to try the Lund leathers from all the good reviews they’ve had once I nab a dressage saddle. I use the Prestige calfskin leathers (A17) and like those a lot but I got them on a sale because they’re PRICEY and I just don’t have that much to spend on only stirrup leathers lol. Also the Smartpak fleece girth was a good every day girth. It’s only like $35 too. Amber liked it, it never rubbed, but the fleece was harder to clean IMO than the leather girth. And I’m still voting for a new bridle. On their FB page, Lund Saddlery is selling their new eventer series flash bridle with rubber reins that was only used in pictures…. I just bought one….lolol Just uh…FYI cause it’s still available… LOL

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  4. I could loan you my non slow mare if you want to experience it? Maybe we could switch for a few months LOL!!! I used the webbers on my dressage saddle and hated them. The holes stretched out super fast and while they kept the bulk from under my thigh they felt cheap and worried me that the hole would just rip

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  5. ha those videos will NEVER get old lol πŸ˜‰

    good luck in your girth search. i have an ovation gel form something or other black dressage girth that charlie goes in – Sir rejects all ideas of fancy leather girths as being too restrictive for his delicate constitution, go figure.

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  6. Ummm, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry..” bahahahaha! I laughed out loud when I played that one and got some weird looks- THANKS πŸ™‚

    If you want to run, come down to NC and ride P. Even with trotting a portion of our XC course and a refusal (insert face palm here), we still had the fastest XC time out of 20 competitors. You won’t be disappointed.

    I’m super intrigued by the Lund leathers, too, because I love my Lund stuff, but I just bought Voltaire leathers to match my saddle, so I can’t justify it. If you buy those, you must review them. I can’t help with a girth because I’m still using the same HDR one I’ve used for 7 years. So blah.

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    1. it was a long course and that was the next to last jump and Remus he was tired. I felt bad πŸ˜‰ HA HA HA I talk to him constantly. Plus he had never jumped that particular obstacle before. HA HA HA thanks for the offer of P but nope..that is fine πŸ™‚ LOL


  7. Not much help with girths (Batty goes in a professional’s choice girth or a fleece girth but is fine in a leather girth, but all regular… He’s girthy in everything probably because his 52 is tight because he’s fat), but right now I have Beval calfskin leathers. I don’t love them. They’re fine. They’re just really, really thick (I don’t have the italian one which evidently are thin). They’re the right length but worn out a bit around my regular holes. I don’t know. They match my saddle I just wouldn’t buy them again.

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  8. Hahaha he’s just showing you how to do western pleasure XC jumping!! πŸ˜‰ I love my Stubben leathers and if I were to need any new ones, I would probably go with Lund. I highly recommend child size leathers (because I think you are short like me?) and it is SO MUCH EASIER to just get the right hole that is already there than to have to punch more (and more). Plus child sized is cheaper so WINNING! No idea on monoflap girths though.


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