Day 14–My Dream Farm (or Nightmare Farm)…

375 Walter Rd, Cochranville, PA 19330
Adorable right?

Sigh. This topic makes me sad. As most of you know we have been looking for a place to move since March of last Spring. And we found one. A couple times. And still don’t have it. Because. The owner is crazy. BUT anyway when I saw this topic I was like there is no other farm I want to list. I mean sure I can list a few that I would take. BUT dollar wise this one was perfect. Location wise it was perfect (about halfway between Mark’s work and my work). The house was older but we loved it. The property was small but would easily have accommodated Remus and maybe a mini or a goat. BIG SIGH.

We first saw this farm last April. I saw it with my realtor. Before we could get Mark to see it the owner took it off the market. (If you look on Zillow you can see this farm has been on the market at least 10 times the last 5 or 6 years, yes that should have been my first WARNING). So we went on looking elsewhere.

Then this July the owner reached out to MY realtor and said she was putting it back on the market would we like to look at it. We said yes and we went and looked at it with Mark this time. And we both loved it. Long story short, we made an offer and she accepted it. Then she got squirrely. And bailed on us. So we released her from the contract (BECAUSE WE ARE NICE PEOPLE DAMNIT).Β  My realtor could not believe how silly the seller was, we were preapproved for more than her farm. We didn’t have to sell our current house to buy. ETC ETC. Yes we could have sued or pushed through for the sale but drama we did not need. So we let it go.

Related image
Bitch be nuts like this squirrel…

And she promptly put it back on the market like 3 weeks later. And I said I WILL NOT LOOK AGAIN. I WILL NOT. And then we decided to look again about 2 months later (I am sure it had not sold because of said nuttiness involved but anyway) and my realtor reached out and her realtor got back to us and said…she took it off the market again and will list it in January. So I give up.

Image result for psycho gif
Bitch be crazy as Norman Bates….in his mom form….

I threw up my hands and said some choice cuss words. BECAUSE once she pulled out of the contract I SWORE I WOULD NEVER STEP FOOT ON THAT PROPERTY again. And I haven’t. But I would have. Because we can FIND NOTHING TO BUY. I am not even looking at farms right, just houses but OMG we must be the pickiest people in the world cause nothing is working for us. Because I think I still want this damn farm. ANYWAY that is the sad sap story of our dream farm.

375 Walter Rd, Cochranville, PA 19330

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Not all fluffy unicorns is it? I hate shopping for houses/farms more than saddles. HA! If we had unlimited funds I guess it would be easier finding a place. But alas we don’t. Perhaps we should start playing the lottery??

Image result for lottery gif
Us probably….

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15 thoughts on “Day 14–My Dream Farm (or Nightmare Farm)…

  1. You are just having the worst luck with this farm search! Maybe you are just getting all the bad luck out of the way so that you can enjoy the next 50 years at the farm with no issues. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I returned the black country (too disappointed to blog about it) and bought a used stubben (for a ridiculous price from a very nice woman)… It should be here tomorrow. It is the same as my dressage saddle but lacking the long billets and the half panel… here’s hoping it works because I can’t return it! (but I could probably sell it for more than I paid for it)

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  2. ugh that’s so frustrating. i would totally feel like i would need to at least reconsider every time it gets listed too just in case “this time she means it” bc …. what a cute little farm! maybe one day the lady will wise up? or…. maybe you’ll suddenly find something that’s even more perfect???

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  3. Ugh that’s very frustrating. We got so frustrated with the people supposed to be helping us with our place, too. Dude I’d be like Emma like “maybe this time it’ll really be for sale!” but I’d just get suckered in every single time. Unless she’s holding off till she gets a higher offer? If no high offer within x amount of time, then it’s off again? So confusing ugh. But at least you got a saddle now!

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  4. That is insane. I’m not sure I would have wanted to deal with the drama of forcing her to sell either. I’m sorry it sucks so bad right now. When we started our farm search we were all naive like “Yay! Lets go see the dozens of options out there all in our price range and be prepared to be nit picky waiting for our dream place!!” Um..yeah that is not how this thing is going!! Hang in there and I hope you find something really soon!

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