Day 15–If You Could Speak to Any Horse, What Would You Say?

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Ponies in sweaters!! Just for fun and cause it is chilly outside…


I would love to have a chat with him and see how he really feels about the shit Amanda puts him through. Like how does he really feel about dressage and what does he really think about those BATs (Big Ass Tables)? As we know, the jumps don’t bother him in the least so I think the the lack of love for the dressage moves would be the most fun discussing with him. I know the type cookies he likes so think he would really talk to me and let go of his deepest thoughts. Because Henry has feelings he would share! I am sure.

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Henry to Amanda most of the time….


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Remus re muzzle by September or so….

I would love to have an in-depth discussion on why Remus can’t move faster than a snail. He has QH bloodlines he should have at least a burst of speed somewhere deep down Well he does if food is around but otherwise, yeah no. (Last one to the feed trough is a rotten egg, says Remus) Also would like a discussion about why he puts up with the muzzle through the summer with no complaints then….destroys it by September every FREAKING year. He can eat almost as much with it on, I have witnessed the mighty grazing that happens. Remus, those things are NOT cheap.  I might already know the answer to this but would like to ask and also tell him to eat less, trot or canter faster, and stop pulling against me, thanks!

Image result for speed demon gif
Never have to worry with Remus
Image result for speed demon gif
Perhaps I can get Remus one of these?? Ya think? LOL

Audi and Bunny

Other horses I would love to have a discussion with include Emily’s lovely two dressage horses Audi and Bunny. They are both so regal and so gorgeous but they each have their own distinct personalities and I think it would be a hoot to see what they really think going down the center line! And since they also have the tendency to wig out at different times it would be great to hear what triggers their flight instincts. I love when Emily tells me what they have done lately and when they have been bad.  Because they are professional horses. It is almost nice to see a meltdown once in awhile (Not that it happens often)! And of course Emily handles it with total badass-ness! Which puts me in awe!

Image result for flight instincts gif
No flight instinct here eh?

Ponies, all the ponies

And last but not least, I would love to talk to all the school ponies over the years I have dealt with to find out if they really are just Beavis and Butthead inside. Because I swear those shitty ponies were laughing at me either riding them when younger or teaching kids on them later in life. Damn ponies! (Disclaimer, I know there are GOOD ponies everywhere! LOL I just didn’t run across many in my years of riding!)

Image result for Beavis and butthead gif
Pretty sure this is every school pony around!
Related image
LOL this made me just laugh…
Image result for ponies gif
As did this….omg I may have watched this ten times too….

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15 thoughts on “Day 15–If You Could Speak to Any Horse, What Would You Say?

  1. When you get this amazing talents of the blogging world has bestowed upon you, can you please ask Subi why he doesn’t eat? is he picky? Is it a medical reason? Does the feed stop tasting good? Or does he do it to drive me insane? Can you also ask him when he plans to stop eating this concoction so I don’t inadvertently buy too many bags of this feed? Also when you have time please ask him what he plans to eat next? That way I can have it on hand… Because I do live to serve him.

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