Day 16–Your Favorite Equine Memory (or Two)!

Possibly one of the best Xmas movies of all time!! Family!! HA

A Horse Under the Christmas Tree (Well Not Really Under It)

Cutest Xmas present ever!

Best equine memory, hands down, was when I was given Pasha for a Christmas gift. As I told in an earlier blog post, my parents bought me a Morgan yearling for my first horse. Not the smartest idea but one of the nicest presents I have ever received. Mostly because it was such a surprise.

I guess this was Christmas morning in 1981 (Pasha was born in June 1979 so if I do the math, he would have been a year the following year so I guess he was a year and half old but whatever). Math is not my strong suit!

Related image
Me always when Math enters the conversation!

Anyway I had begged and pleaded for him for a while and no go. Somehow (and I have to say my sister must have had a hand in this) they must have decided to get him for me.

tenor (1).gif
Me most days, I must have been a pain!

On Christmas morning, my sister took me to the barn to give Mrs. B her gifts. And she said let’s go see Pasha….and of course barn, horses, I said sure. We went in and I stared at him because he had something in his forelock (it was a red ribbon) and there was something on his stall.

I was really confused. And as I got closer and read the card it said, Merry Christmas, this is the day I have been blessed with a new owner! 

And I turned to my sister and said they sold him? And she said to me, you idiot he is yours. Everyone came stumbling out from where they were hidden. It was amazing.

I had a photo of him in that goofy ribbon and had the card for the longest time but no clue where it is now.  Anyway best Christmas ever!

Trying to do the Morgan thing, he must have been going on 3 by this photo….

Doesn’t Everybody Go Caroling on Horseback? 

Old  age, memory loss…..LOL

Another favorite memory was when we went Christmas Caroling on our horses. My sister is behind me (on Velvet, her Appy bay mare with a perfect mare glare) My friend Edie on her Appy gelding who I loved but cannot remember his name now. OMG OLD AGE STOP IT. My best friend Betsy is on the bald face pony (Sugar Daddy I remember his name!) that Pasha is blocking. The cute Morgan to the right is Banner, Pasha’s full brother. The girl is the back is Squiggy (I think that was her nickname and her horse omg can’t remember but he had a bone jarring trot). HA MEMORIES when I can remember them.  And yes we were dressed in pajamas and I have a teddy bear in my hand.

What jolly idiots we were!

So those are the two best equine memories I can remember at this time. I am sure I had more. But those stick out.

Also remember when I mentioned Pasha’s half brother, Frito (the gray roan with white). I found a photo of him in the field with Pasha! That horse was so cool!!

Frito and Pasha!

Hey we are over halfway there on the NaBloPoMo 2017! YAY! And about a month and a half from Christmas. Wait how did that HAPPEN!?? LOL

Another of my fave Xmas movies!

Celebrate NaBloPoMo 2017 by writing every day in November, following the prompts given!

7 thoughts on “Day 16–Your Favorite Equine Memory (or Two)!

  1. Awww how sweet! I’d have to agree with roaming rider tho that getting a horse for Christmas is every girl’s dream come true. I know I dreamed I’d get one for Christmas (but knew that wouldn’t happen lol) but man it’d be so awesome to actually get one for Christmas. Such sweet memories! Love reading all of this by the way. I look forward to seeing everyday blog posts from you!

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  2. oh man i always wished for a baby horse under the christmas tree! fun fact: i jabbered on at my parents about it so much as a kiddo that they promised me i’d get a pony when i turned 10. so i actually shut up about it, feeling like it was a done deal, totally settled. meanwhile they completely forgot about it (having never been serious, obviously). so you can imagine the unrest in the household when my 10th rolled around and there was no pony lol. sigh. #stillbitter lol

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