Day 18–Your Grooming Routine (Ha!)


SO hard to keep this so pretty! HA

This one made me giggle. Hard. Because grooming is so not my forte. More’s the pity right?

I do have some better brushes now thanks to Teddy’s Tack Trunk(love the hedgehog mane and tail brush the most but they are all gorgeous brushes). But Remus’ grooming routine is hit or miss. Right now, his bridlepath is a few inches long and needs trimming, he has goat hairs under his jowls, and he looks a mess. Jess pulls his mane for me periodically so that always looks okay (thank you Jess)!


He is dirt colored as I have stated many times and that has saved my bacon a few times (Running late, slap a brush on him, pick his feet, and let’s go). Just don’t pat him so you can see the swirl of dust coming off on him.

Remus most days, just don’t pat him!

On a good day when I am not freezing or sweating to death (or if I am not running late, which is the norm), Remus gets the harder brush, the dandy brush then the soft goat hair brush, the hedgehog brush, the finishing brush, and wiped down with a damp towel if he is still dusty. I try to trim his goat hair and his bridlepath once a month in the winter (he is lovely to clip I am just lazy trying to find a plug to plug my clippers in).


His feet get done no matter how short of time I have but most of the time he truly does get a lick and a promise. I can’t imagine how clean he would be if someone had him that was more particular. He still shines and has dapples so he doesn’t look bad most days. His feet  are good now (Took my farrier forever to get them good) so they need no topical stuff slathered on them, he gets no thrush due to the care Shawn takes of her stalls.

He gets a bath maybe twice a year if he is lucky, he does get hosed off in the Summer but that is it. I am so lucky I got a wash and wear type horse instead of dry clean only! Does any one else have a pretty clean horse that somehow keeps himself clean despite his owner’s best efforts to NOT brush him. Or I am really blessed? LOL I am just glad he is not lighter colored or I might be in trouble.


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5 thoughts on “Day 18–Your Grooming Routine (Ha!)

  1. I buff off where the saddle goes really well and half-ass the rest most of the time. They live on 28 acres and roll immediately when I turn them out. Why waste precious time? Lol

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  2. i definitely am grateful that my horse is dirt colored too, even tho i spend a lot of time grooming and really enjoy the process. there’s just…. ya know…. an awful lot of surface area haha

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