Singing in the Rain: Sally Lesson at Kealani Farm

the rain, so much rain (But so much fun, the lesson)!

Warning: Lots of media in this blog post today!

A Little Help From My Friends

Not only did I get to ride but I got to JUMP! My last jump lesson with Sally was December 17th. That is a long time to go without jumping (due to weather and footing and other things we have not even trotted a cross rail in that long). We got in the arena before the rain but boy was it pouring when we left the arena. My back yard is a soup bowl about now. But I was so happy with the lesson, I almost don’t care it is still raining. But it was wet and I did get soaked loading Remus etc. UGH. And it was still pretty darn chilly out.

At least it wasn’t as cold (Tho it was colder than they predicted)

I had emailed Sally telling her I wanted a lesson but we would be rusty due to not jumping lately. So she put me with two greenies which was just fine!! They will be outjumping Remus very soon but for now they were trotting it all and I was the only one cantering the jumps, (That is a switch, right?)

And thanks to Hannah (who rode her lovely young chestnut OTTB with me) and her friend Kara (who not only videoed Hannah but videoed Remus while waiting for her own lesson) I have media!! I have finally figured out I am shameless asking for people to get media for me. Do Bloggers get shameless at times? Possibly. But seriously thanks for videoing, Kara! I so appreciate it!

giphy (2).gif
Me making friends and asking for media…

Due to the greenies (who were both lovely young OTTB geldings) we started out low but I don’t care (See GIF above again, this may become my mantra!).  The nice thing about Kealani is they really mix up their jumps. So there are some spooky fillers and they switch them around and it is always like a new jump course. Which we all need (especially Remus who almost nose dived the first jump looking down at the blocks. He went over it but it was hilarious how he peeked as he went over, too bad no video on that since Kara was still getting her horse ready then).

Wild Thing

But Remus was UP. I think he got in that arena and saw all the jumps and went wheeeeee….

Mom, there are JUMPS in this ring!!?? Remus is SO FUZZY

Like holy cow, can I stop him, up. Half halts were needed. I had left the loose ring snaffle on his bridle, may just need to remember to put the Baucher back on sometime. Just warming up I trotted for a bit and was like…hm do I dare canter. I felt like I had a powder keg under me and here I had spurs and a crop.  But then I was like I need to canter since canter is our nemesis. And I just barely squeezed with my thighs and calves and he just slipped into the canter. WHO IS THIS horse and where did Remus go? Energy and cantering? My word!

Pretty ring! (And I got there early enough to watch Sally jump two horses before my lesson!!

Jump, Jive, & Wail

Remus was really really good considering we have not jumped much. I was shocked he was so good. But Sally really gave us no slack. She cracks me up. She didn’t let me do a straight line till the last few jumps. EVERYTHING WAS BENDING. SO MUCH BENDING AND TURNING. OMG. I kept giving her a face and she kept calling me on it. I felt very lost with a few of her directions and had to ask for clarification because A) I AM OLD and B) I AM BLONDE! Too much information can confuse me sometime (Go to the right and go between the wave and the flowers to the barrels etc. etc. huh?) Help me, I am lost!

My face several times

But we figured it out and he was jumping better from having to bend and turn once I got my damn head on straight. I will say this again and I know I sound like a broken record but that saddle. Thank goodness for that Stubben saddle. I used to want to vomit and my stomach would be in knots jumping. I still am nervous but now I feel so secure in that saddle it blows my mind how great I feel going to the jumps. Like almost invincible (Not really, but a secure seat makes a HUGE difference).

Here are some videos from our lesson below, nothing earth shattering really. However, I suggest muting if the sound goes through since god knows what I said and I hope I don’t offend anyone, some things come out without me realizing it (for example I wanted to walk up to the barrels to let Remus take a look and completely forgot till jumping said barrels, oh well)! I didn’t listen to them all so there is your warning! HA we did laugh a lot!! So much fun! But so much learning too!


Poor Sally had to repeat the usual as elbows bent, hands up was said a few times again. And I had to start looking earlier for these turns and bends. Better jumps are just not going to happen unless I have a better line to the fence. I did feel very energized and excited after this lesson though because Remus was really really on fire (I know not really and then you look at vidoes and Remus looks in slow motion, oh well) and only got exhausted at the end.  When he runs out of gas he runs out of gas, all at once.  Poor buckskin. So hard a life. Not.

One thing I notice looking at these videos is his head was up a lot more in this lesson. He wasn’t as ploddy or lazy. Now if I can just bottle this and keep it around for when I need it. It was a fun day and I feel like everytime I go to a Sally lesson, I meet new friends. So much fun. So much work. I slept very well after that lesson I tell you (and am sure Remus did too)! This week he goes to Emily for boot camp (cue maniacal laughter, poor Remus)!

Wet buckskin after lesson and him realizing I had run out of treats. Oops.


28 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain: Sally Lesson at Kealani Farm

  1. Jealous of that indoor!!! It is a flood zone around here with all the rain 😦 It poured all weekend yet again. Maybe it is time I ditch riding and take up scuba diving? You two loo good out there over those jumps. Gem would have noped her way all around those scary jumps, especially the barrels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suggested to Sara we raise trout instead. I have to pay for the lesson AND the ring fee and in weather like we have had I have no problem writing those checks for that indoor use 🙂 HA….scuba diving might be fun in your back field 🙂


  2. So I immediately unmuted my computer and turned the volume up to 100 🙂

    You guys look great! He looks like he was happy to be jumping and you seriously DO look secure in that saddle. Glad you had a great lesson!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. me i am an open book (As she will tell you). She really was calling me on my faces on Sat. LOL she will totally call you out 🙂 I have already told her all yours HA!


  3. Yeah, we need to raise trout because I’m giving up horses. And it’s raining again today. WTF! My head is killing me. Again. I quit! And I need to drive to Bear later today. I just refused to look at the ground when I fed this morning. I think I just ignored it. It’s not there. Nope, not there. There’s no mud, water, or anything. Nothing. Ugh, sucks SO MUCH!!!! Denial, first step towards whatever is beyond insanity.

    He looks SO GOOD. I’m telling you, it may not be your season, but WINTER is Remus’s season! If the rain had started in the morning, I’d have joined you! He looks amazing! Go Remus!

    Tell me how he reacts to leaving for boot camp… He goes tomorrow? Bwahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it is not SUPPOSED TO BE RAINING TODAY! I have not had my sunglasses on in weeks. I am done with this weather and need a tropical vacation stat. UGH. He does love winter. He needs to learn to love summer too. The good thing is his weight is PERFECT going into Spring so this is why he actually has more energy. Not a lard load…..for once (unlike his rider) HA!! Thanks 🙂 We can raise trout together! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. note the SUN IS OUT, I repeat the SUN IS OUT (I got scared for a second in fact not knowing what it was). PS Remus goes to boot camp on Valentine’s Day….aww cue hearts and kisses. HA


    1. My shoulders hurt and not in a oh he is pulling and leaning on me but omg he is pulling me wanting to go faster. HA! YES I love that saddle so much I told my husband to save the saddle in a fire only after we get ourselves and the animals out 🙂 HA

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It sounds totally lame, and kind of dependent to say this, but having the right saddle makes all the difference in the world. When I got my last saddle after riding in an awful downhill flinging pessoa for years, I magically could stay in the middle of my horse and FIND MY JUMPS! A real miracle.
    Looks like a great lesson! Remus is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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