Happy Valentine’s Day

Remus so excited for boot camp (not) LOL

Remus goes to boot camp today. No hearts and kisses for him! I am sure he will forgive me sometime but ha ha ha ha…….poor Remus. Though he will be glad I restocked his carrot supply (how was that allowed to dwindle to nothing?).


Anyone have plans for V day?? I don’t, considering my husband is prepping for a procedure tomorrow (He knows how to wow a girl right?). So I am planning on going to the gym tonight for class and then figuring out what to eat without making him hungry and/or sick.

Happy Valentine’s Day all! The weather is supposed to be amazingly nice the next couple days and then turn to crap again. Must be February!! Happy Hump Day too! It is almost the weekend!


10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentines Day! No real plans tonight… Maybe the gym hahaha. We might get wild and buy something fun to cook this weekend with some wine, but that’s about how far into this holiday we get. Our first Valentines Day, Matt came to a clinic with me… in 6 degree weather… and watched me fall off May for the first time. Our second Valentines Day, he was in Alaska for work…. We’re far more likely to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary at the end of the month hahaha

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  2. Poor Remus!! My plans include debating that letter that a coworker told me is overly harsh and I should just send money and no strongly worded note… and weeding books at work. If I’m nice actually make dinner tonight. But that’s not actually anything related to the holiday. Maybe the horses will get carrots but I’ll probably forget. I was nice enough to change their blankets today! That’s about as much niceness as their mud rolling, gross, ungrateful butts deserve!

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  3. No plans here either. This week I’ve been getting up at FOUR THIRTY IN THE MORNING to go to the gym so I don’t have to rush riding after work, and I’m beat by the time I flop into the house around 7 PM. Maybe I’ll make myself chocolate covered strawberries though.

    Crap. Now I’m hungry.

    Bye Remus! Muahahaha

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  4. Hahahaha!! PERFECTLY acceptable present for your poneh :D. Ehhh, no V-Day plans. I usually don’t. I may end up getting Amber a gift (okay okay it’s for me but that mint PS of Sweden browband/pad set……DROOL haha) or I’ll just continue to get her abscess to heal and save up all my money because future expenses…ugh. I hate adulting.

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  5. Awww poor poor Remus. I’m sure he’ll make it through somehow…
    No plans for me, I’m an old spinster! The ponies are gonna get groomies later, so I guess that’s something?
    Hope all goes well for your hubs tomorrow!

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