Weather Woes: Winter Is Still Coming…


Officially done with mud. It is so wet outside my dogs hate walking on grass because they sink several inches on it (I can’t even walk on it or I sink down). It is like living in a marsh out there.

It was 60 degrees yesterday (and I was stuck in a too tiny waiting room with NO internet or cell service waiting for Mark most of the day so no riding was done) and today it is 60 already and raining. But tomorrow (wait for it….) is going to be in the 30s with a chance of 3-6 inches of SNOW? What the eff?? Like this is a roller coaster of a weather pattern than no one wants to climb aboard. And then back to 50’s and sunny on Sunday? What madness is this?

source (1).gif
How I feel about the weather about now…

Yesterday and today was warm and tomorrow I am going to be freezing my ass off again? With snow?

giphy (3)
Us tomorrow probably….

I just throw my hands in the air and give up. I just don’t even know how to dress anymore. And if I wait five minutes, the weather will probably change. The other night i was out with the dogs and it was thundering and lightning. In FEBRUARY! LOL

said no one EVER!

Meanwhile, Remus is at boot camp. He was pretty happy to get into Emily’s barn again but he did almost leap on me as I put him in the stall due to the mats tacked to the wall. My brave eventer. He almost ran me over trying to get away from them.

Getting his feet done before going to Boot Camp (could the side eye be anymore apparent?) LOL
But for all I know his side eye above could be from the damn forecast for tomorrow. Because I am pretty sure I am showing the same side eye glare at it.
WTF it is 60 here right now!!

Here is to hoping a lot of you have better weather forecasts than this in your weekend. I am hoping to ride Remus in a lesson next week at Emily’s, I know he was ridden yesterday so hopefully he is behaving. He was turned out with two other geldings yesterday and promptly ignored them and went to eat hay in the shed. Not too worried my Remus.  Happy Weekend all!

Remus’s Mantra I am pretty sure: Don’t worry be happy! Eat hay!

15 thoughts on “Weather Woes: Winter Is Still Coming…

  1. KY is about the same… but luckily no snow in our forecast. It was 70 (!) degrees yesterday. I ended up giving May the day off because there was nothing productive that was going to get done in that heat with her full coat haha. Today, it should be in the 40s, so we can get a good ride in.

    BUT THE MUD! OMG I stepped off my deck last night in my sneakers and almost slide all the way down the little hill in our backyard. Its incredible and with rain in the forecast for the next several days… I’ll be amazed if shoes don’t go flying off horses just standing in their fields.

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  2. Hang in there!!! February is half way over :). It is going to be 77 here today. Way too hot this time of year but I’m not complaining. Course it is going to rain all weekend again as it did overnight last night. My pond is overflowing, there are dead baby fish in the bottom pasture and I swear I’m going to have to teach Gem to wear swim fins soon or no riding is going to happen.


  3. This weather is BS. We’re enjoying fifty degrees and pouring rain today. High of 34 tomorrow, and 4 to 8 inches of snow for Sunday. Way to ruin the weekend Mother Nature. But I guess I’ll have no excuses not to finish cleaning out the stupid closet.


  4. NC is the same roller coaster minus the snow. It’s 77 today and will be 46 tomorrow. I’m just done. HAHA at Remus being scared of mats on the wall. Big bad eventer right there! Glad he’s doing well at Emily’s though!

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  5. Ugggg, sorry I sent our Maine weather to you. It sucks when it swings back and forth like that. We actually have a pretty awesome forecast here for the next week (school vacation – yay!) with highs in the 40s and NO snow or rain (except a slight chance on Tuesday when it is supposed to be a high of 58 – I will take that!) But how fun to have Remus in boot camp! Great way to get a jump start on spring!!!

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  6. Wow yeah! Crazy weather! It’s been so warm up until now, and after I finally clip Amber….womp womp, it’s getting pretty cold again. It still gets into the 60s, but it’s like the colder side of the 60s if that makes any sense lol. But hopefully you’ll get some riding in this weekend! I bet Remus is loving his boot camp LOL probably not.

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  7. Honestly I’m kinda ok with the recent weather. Yesterday’s snow was weird but it was otherwise actually kinda nice out. Today is gonna be great too! Hope Remus is enjoying boot camp!!!

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    1. it was fine but we got NO RAIN with this storm. All snow so i think we ended up with almost 4 inches of snow? It is melting now but it was crazy last nite. LOL Remus is probably not enjoying boot camp but he will live 🙂 I havent even made it back out to see him again due to my dad coming up for the week. Have a great day…..


    1. well we had 70 yesterday and today then back to 40s tomorrow. It was gorgeous yesterday but felt so WEIRD being that hot. but the mud now is the thing SO MUCH MUD everywhere. ICK…..and now it is supposed to rain Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday. yay? LOL


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