3 Day Adventures With Horses Blog Hop: Three Words

7e7d481ca63183f22f501fab89770ae54971766956121a0cd1e47ffa5deccae0I read 3 Day Adventures With Horses (who started it!)Roaming Rider and Patently Bay‘s Three Words blog posts and thought I would just hop aboard this blog hop express and join in! And if my blog post is more of a hot mess express so much the better, right?

In other news, look what arrived! How cute is this?? Get your own! 🙂

Remus and the Three Words That Represent Him Best


Me every time I climb aboard Remus….

Remus is not the most ambitious, energetic horse in the bunch. And honestly that is fine by me. Looped reins riding cross country. Why not? Don’t ride him for three weeks then swing a leg over on a chilly, blustery day and need a crop. Sure! Know that you probably won’t die on any day when you ride Remus. Great! Yes more oomph would be appreciated but knowing he won’t kill me on any given day is also appreciated and should not be overlooked!


giphy (4).gifBut even if Remus is lazy he is honest to the core. Pretty much point him at a jump and he is going to jump it (even if he peeks at it). Water, ditches, you name it (not that we have done that much but he really doesn’t seem to care as long as he is pointed at it). This is huge when you are a chicken-shit rider, scared of your own shadow at times. I have jumped more stuff on him that I would EVER have jumped on more athletic horses I am sure. He also is the same horse pretty much the entire year (except when something irks him, ha).


giphy (5).gifOh boy, this last one is so true. For being lazy and honest, if Remus is irked or bothered about something, the gloves come OFF! He can be very inventive on how to express his displeasure. Luckily it never goes too far but…..see below. Good thing he doesn’t use his evil for his own promotion. Right?

As I often say in riding him, OH REMUS. He makes me laugh even when he is being a shit.

However, he is doing great at Emily’s and I haven’t even seen him (bad me) due to my dad being up visiting us. But I know he is getting ridden and being worked so am glad he is there. It is nice when the trainer emails you to tell you how easy it is having him around (he just settles in wherever he goes to stay so easily). We actually got a bunch of snow on Sat evening (much more than they called for) too. So hopefully will get out to see him this week before taking Dad back to VA. Would love to get some media of him but it just hasn’t worked out yet.

We are off today (thank goodness) and I am already dreading going back to the grind tomorrow!! COME ON WEEKEND 🙂


9 thoughts on “3 Day Adventures With Horses Blog Hop: Three Words

  1. I really need to do this blog hop… Might as well start with Subi… He’s the easiest!

    Crochet Remus is adorable! I saw him on Ponyforapony’s instagram. I want one (or 3 or 4 because I’d need a Ranger too), but I can’t justify the cost right now. Too cute!

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I WANT THE SNOW BACK! It’s now just gross out and getting grosser. Plus 60 tomorrow and 70 Wednesday means I need to pull sheets off. So horses will be really gross. Ugh. NOOO. Nothing like mud smelling gross horses and muddy blankets in the basement.

    So much work to do today while I wait for the damage report on my truck. Except I can’t concentrate on work. SO TERRIBLE. I actually have to get stuff done here today.

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  2. I started this one, too. Just have to find the time to finish it. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to let your horse sit for a few weeks and then need a crop. I’d be in the next county! You’re so lucky you’re off today! I’m at the office writing grants (well, I WILL once I’m done with this comment 🙂 ).

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