Just Wait a Minute: The Weather Will Change

giphy (6).gif
How the weather feels lately….

Wow we have had a roller coaster of weather for sure. We had snow last weekend, then rain (SO MUCH RAIN) and then Tuesday and Wednesday, it was, well…take a look…

Dang my dash is dirty, but if you can see past horse hair and dust, that is 79 degrees. On Feb 21st.

The very next day it was this. Yes from almost 80 to almost 45. WTH?


Remus is doing great at Emily’s, he is disgusting and muddy but happy. He will stay till next Wednesday or so then will be coming back to his barn. Emily says he is doing well at cantering but she wanted to keep him a few more days to get her student to lunge himΒ  and hack him out over the weekend and also she wants to ride him a few more times. I am fine with that since it is going to rain till MAY it seems like. SIGH. But so glad he is doing well (nothing is worse than when your trainer has issues with your horse). Sounds like Remus’s work ethic has been good, no bucking and so on (NO MEDIA either sorry my bad).

My dad’s chihuahua and Ollie soaking up sun(when it was out)

This week has just been the week from hell. Work has exploded, my dad has been up here (I liken it to having a toddler around and I don’t do kids LOL), and Mark was traveling. Now Mark is home but I have to drive to VA to take Dad home. Will stay the night and head back to DE on Friday so I can have a weekend with my husband (and horse LOL).

giphy (5).gif
My life lately….

I am however, dropping my blankets and sheets etc. (on the way back home) that I have gathered for repair and wash since the service I use is down in lower DE! If you are in my area I can recommend them with two thumbs up! Great prices and everything comes back in its own zipper bag. So they stay clean till you need them!

So yes multitasking is ongoing! Do you get excited when you can mark things off your list however convoluted the way you have to do it? (There is a whole other blog post waiting on how I fit all my sheets and Sarah’s into the trunk of my truck. I think there are like 13 items squeezed back there, I had to stand on the lid to get it to shut, where there is a will there is a way HA). I didn’t want the bags to get wet. The good thing was it made me clean that area out (There was stuff in there horsewise from PRE REMUS DAYS so we are talking at least 5 years)…so another mark off the long list of things to do!

giphy (4).gif
Me most days lately! I need a vacation!

As to the weather. BOO HISS. Rain the next few days but back up to the 60s and 50s next week (with rain I think). I still think we should consider trout farming over horses. The good news is I see green grass coming up everywhere! Happy Friday all!

Not going to lie, this kind of creeps me out LOL!



18 thoughts on “Just Wait a Minute: The Weather Will Change

  1. There are no words for this weather right now… KY is pretty much completely flooded at this point, and it is going to continue to rain until Sunday -.- It was warm enough to wash May’s legs and tail on Monday, but everything is just COVERED in mud again today. Can’t wait to hear how Remus is when you get him back!

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  2. This weather is nuts! I see nothing but rain for pretty much ever. But above freezing, so maybe I’ll just get the ponies some swimmies and we shall learn to love being cold and wet?
    Sounds like despite a stressful week, you’re getting some things accomplished. Nice job adulting!

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  3. It was almost 70 here on Wednesday in Maine! Back to hovering around 38 now though haha, which is much more seasonable weather. This crazy weather is getting old, but I am glad we are not getting the rain (and no snow lately either)! Glad to hear Remus is doing well at the trainer’s. Sounds like a great spring tune up! And yes, I pride myself on my creative multitasking (full time job, kids, horses, and all the chores that go along with such things haha) and love checking things off lists, so I feel ya! πŸ˜€

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  4. The weather is crazy here too. It was in the upper 70s/80s so we shaved the horses and then it dropped down to below freezing. It so rarely gets below freezing here that a lot of buildings don’t have insulated pipes. It’s just not a thing you have to worry about. We even got an email from the city council warning us about it. We don’t even own medium weight (let alone heavy weight) blankets so we had to layer coolers under their lightweights.


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