No TV, No Internet: What Would You Do?


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 No TV No Internet: What would you do? (You get creative!)

Talk about wrecking havoc on your creative juices when your Verizon (no tv, no internet, no phone) goes down completely Saturday night and you don’t get it back till Monday about 10 am. OMG longest weekend ever and not in a good way. Anagrams and Trivial Pursuit and Audible saved my mind but seriously.  It was a crazy weekend for sure.

I did get to go see Remus some this weekend but the mud and rain (and mud and rain and repeat) is so bad. It is disgusting. I went to drop more smartpaks off on Sat then went back Sunday to ride (no internet right?? so might as well go to the barn). Well smarty pants me remembered my saddle, my boots, my girth, and my saddle pad. I had Remus tacked up after going all Creature of the Black Lagoon to get him out of his field (seriously I needed a snorkel mask to get thru that mud) and then I realized I had left my helmet home.  (Amanda, I thought of you and your saddles LOL) OH WELL….so I lunged him instead. Well after trying to wash and brush all (some) of the mud off.

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Me after coming back from the pasture with Remus

IMG_4145.JPGOne good thing is my bridle has never been cleaner (mine is on the right, thank you Kym for cleaning it every time so well!). And Remus was in the hay shed and not in the mud when I got there (he is very thankful for that shed) but I had to walk through all the mud to get him. So gross.

Can you see Remus way behind the other horses tucked in by the hay #smartpony

Out in the arena, Remus attempted to raid the trash can (Serious Oscar the Grouch vibes here). He was really good lunging both ways even at the canter (WHO is this horse?). And he kept on cantering both ways for a while. No bucks too!

Such a good boy!!

Life is hard, says Remus (Also pay no attention to the mud still attached to his knee) LOL!

It was great to just mess around with him and not worry about much (like no internet). He truly was happy to just be with me. I will be glad to get him back to his barn but man am I going to miss that wash stall and that arena (and Emily too). I am so happy to go home from work today to internet and tv and phone again. Goodbye, Dark Ages I will not miss you. Though the gloomy skies are persisting still. I NEED SOME SUN!! STAT.

Look at that confo shot. Amazing right? LOL 

My 30 things blog post is coming this week. I got stuck on 25 due to no internet over the weekend!:) I hope everyone else had a horsey (and technology) full weekend!

13 thoughts on “No TV, No Internet: What Would You Do?

  1. I’m sorry, I don’t follow you…sun? What is this “sun” you speak of? Ugh. P also raids trash cans, it’s super weird. One time I wasn’t paying attention while I was letting him graze at a show and then I realized he was licking a cup of what I hope was coffee in the garbage. Glad you have Internet again!

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    1. I seriously thought about my state of mind by this am. I was in bed by 830-9 last night listening to Audible. LOL! And yes if i am out doing stuff I can do without it. Stuck at home on a damn cold weekend. NOPE 🙂


  2. Yeah when you actually don’t have internet it’s so weird. I’ve become really dependent on it for legit everything haha. I’m glad you were able to go out and see him though! Hopefully you’ll be able to get some more riding in!

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  3. omg haha Remus and the trash can….. charlie is OBSESSED with trash cans, he’s pretty sure they’re just charlie-sized feed buckets lol (it doesn’t help that my barn uses feed bags for trash bags so they all smell delishus apparently lol)….

    also what a bummer about forgetting your helmet. i always do the opposite – forgetting my helmet at the barn when i mean to ride elsewhere. luckily i have an old nasty velvet hunt cap type thing (it does have a chin strap at least) in my car for emergencies….

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    1. funny true story: Because i cleaned out my trunk in my truck to fit Sarah and my blankets, I just finally tossed my old helmet which was in the back of the trunk for like 4 years. Would I have used it who knows but that was my first thought on Sunday! LOL I threw the only back up I had 🙂 I probably should pick up a back up (The one that was in my truck was probably dryrotted) LOL But yeah…trash cans are Remus’s jam too 🙂 For same reason as Charlie!

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  4. People are always surprised when I say I don’t have a cable subscription. I like to think they imagine me out doing productive things instead. The reality is that I don’t have time to watch tv because the internet is my weakness. Well done for surviving an internetless weekend!! 🙂

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  5. That mud makes me want to vomit. All that trashed grass. I do not miss mud season up north at all. Tomorrow we are supposed to have full blown sunshine. The first in weeks that isn’t cloudy, overcast or raining. I can not wait. I hope it moves up north for you!

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    1. well it is Emily’s farm not where Remus usually is, but I am sure Remus’s regular farm will be the same. (maybe not quite as muddy as Shawn has it set up a bit better for traction control LOL)….but it has been such a gross winter for sure.


  6. This weather has been SO gloomy. We saw the sun for about 40 minutes Saturday morning, but it actually was out much of today! Finally! I mean, we have some kind of apocalypse coming Friday… but at least today was nice. So glad your internet is back!

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