Blog Hop: 30 Things About Me

Yes my college nickname was Billy (For Billy Idol) LOL!

The $900 Facebook Pony and May As Well Event (and lots of others since) started a 30 Things About Me blog hop. And who am I not to follow? This took me forever to finish and I am tired of tweaking it by now. So here we go! If I bore you to snores, or offend you, I apologize in advance!

Never ever going to grow up I am afraid…nothing new there!

I started riding at 10. That means I have now been riding for 41 plus years? Wow! I stopped a few years between college and my thirties but here I am back at it!

My special unicorn of a trainer, Kattie!

I have been at the same gym for over seven years! I enjoy the people there (both staff and some of the members are my closest friends now!) and I do kickboxing, personal training, and team classes there.Β Β I do love to pound and kick the shit out of a bag. If you have not tried it, put it on your list! I also have an awesome trainer at this gym who is not afraid to dress up and be goofy (see above)!

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor
One of our group training classes, for some reason I can’t find a kickboxing photo! Kettlebell swings yeah!

I am the youngest of three in my family. My sister is 10 years to the day older than me. My brother is seven years older. It was like being an only child. It was awesome (except for family vacations, see below)

My sister and brother dangled me over an alligator pit in Florida during family vacation one year. My mom caught them. They could not walk very well for a couple days! (Spoiler: I didn’t get dropped!)

My sister, my dad, and my husband have the same birthday as me. I hated growing up sharing birthdays and still hate it! Stresses me out every year.

I lived with a close friend on a Tyson Chicken Farm for a few years and raised chickens with her. I didn’t eat chicken for a very long time after I moved out.

Taken for a news article written about us back in the day when we were raising chickens.

My first serious boyfriend died in a car wreck while driving my car (I was not in the car thank goodness or I would have died too I am sure). Sucked big time and I still really don’t talk about it.

I am a fast reader and can retain things after just seeing them on the page.Β  If it was written down I can remember it, if read to me, I can’t. Hence why I have to see jump courses and dressage tests on paper. #oldschool

200.gifI didn’t drink coffee till a few years ago. I also didn’t like wine either. Times change, now they are two of my fave beverages! #slowstarter

Most work days I often would like to swap coffee for wine! πŸ™‚

My husband is British. We actually met online in the late 90s then he came over to work in Delaware and we met in person. Rest is history πŸ™‚ We have been married for almost 16 years. He now has dual citizenship but I green carded him so he owes me for life HA!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
We never ever dress up but we went to a Gala once! I got this dress at Macy’s and paid like 18 dollars for it! πŸ™‚

We lived in Texas for five years. We have lived in Delaware the rest of the time Mark and I have been together.

1537 (1)
Still miss this place every day…..

I have a scar on my back that took 17 stitches to stitch up in Texas on Father’s Day, 2005. My husband and his friends (who may or may not have been drinking, cough cough)Β wanted to just put a bit of Neosporin on it and keep on drinking but I made them go with me to the hospital (so gross that wound LOL!!). OneΒ horse made mean eyes at another horse I was grooming and said horse pulled me through a wire mesh in a stall door. #frankensteinnow

We had a lot of pets growing up (must explain why I am so animal crazy). Along with dogs and cats and banty chickens, we had Terry the Tarantula and Alice the Skunk. Oh and Amos and Andy the goats. Along with wild snakes that lived in the house at times with us (shudder, they were not my pets!).

tenor (3)
I don’t remember much of Alice but I did remember she pretty much bounced just like this!

My BA is in Communication Arts (only degree in the 80’s you could get and not take Math, this is why I chose it!). I hate Math with a vengeance. πŸ™‚

IMG_2424 (1).JPG
One of my conferences I helped put on (I got therapy dogs on the program!) So cool!

I have worked in educational publishing/educational conferences since 1998. (Mostly at the same place except for when I was in TX though I was in educational publishing there too but at a different place). I also freelanced for a while in Texas. #gluttonforpunishment

I have no tattoos and have no interest in getting any.

I always wanted to write as a kid and young adult and never did. Now that I started my blog I don’t want to ever stop!

Image result for buffy gif
So many things can be expressed with a Buffy gif!

My favorite show ever was Buffy. I hardly watch TV now except to watch reruns for Seinfeld and Friends and Frasier and to stream stuff and/or watch PBS. I love British shows such as Midsomer, Grantchester, Inspector Lewis, Morse you name it. I am not as much into Britcoms though my husband likes them (of course!).

I love Harry Potter books and enjoy Harry Potter movies. I think we need to start a chat so we can all discuss. #harrypotternerdsunite (Seriously we need to form a club!)

I am afraid of heights. The one time I went up the Washington Monument in college, I literally got off the elevator and sat down on the floor by it until the people I was with were done. I get that the views are gorgeous but I want to throw up and fall over in that order when I get up too high.

I love all things purple (WAIT, most of you know that by now). I do not like the color red. At all. I have no red clothes and Remus doesn’t either!

I have owned Morgans, Paints, and Quarter Horses. I have never owned a Thoroughbred or any other breed. I would love to have a Haflinger or a Connemara cross one day but for now will stick with my fat buckskin!

cropped-img_01162.jpgI love tropical fish! I have three fish aquariums in my house. I have seven fish and three nerite snails. I think I need to restock. LOL

My betta fish I had for a while, sadly lost him too early but he was so cool looking.Β 

I grew up less than 20 minutes from Assateague and Chincoteague. I worked for the vet that took care of the Chincoteague ponies and helped with their veterinary care for a few years. That was really a neat way to make money in my younger years!

I traveled the Appalachian Trail for a week with a friend in the late 90s. We did about a 100 miles in a week, camping the whole time, I blew my knee out going down hill on this huge ass mountain about halfway thru and my friend who was a vet student wrapped it in duck tape till we made it back to civilization. It was a great time but don’t know if I could do it now at my age. It was pretty brutal the ground we covered though we met some neat people and really had a great time. One night our tent was attacked by a deer, I kid you not! Those things can be mean!

I had short hair in high school and college, then long hair down to my butt for years until in my mid 30’s I cut it off again. I have had short hair since. Much easier to deal with!

My real name is Lisa (but my middle name is Michele) my family has always called me Michele except for school and the DMV and other useless places. Oh and I was called Billy in college (long story)!

Image result for submarine kirk oliver
Lapon: One of the subs Granddaddy commanded!

My grandfather (mom’s side) was an admiral in the Navy in World War II. He commanded several submarines (how cool is this)? He lived with us (with my grandmother who I was not as fond of) when I was in my teens. I wish I had asked him more back then now I am interested in history it is too late.

We won tickets to Antique Roadshow a couple years ago and my dad, my sister, and me attended, it was a blast. My dad got on TV (VA Beach episodes from 2 years ago)!

I have only been out of the USA twice. Once to England in 2002 and once to Portugal in 2013. I probably should travel more. I would like to live in the Southern Eastern United States some day (SC or NC or anywhere near there). I would also move back to Texas in a New York minute.

Me in the early 90’s with Luke. He was such a great dog. See long hair!

28 thoughts on “Blog Hop: 30 Things About Me

  1. I’ve been waiting for yours!!! So much to say: red is amazing, you are missing out πŸ™‚ Please move to SC!!! Lots of farms in reasonable price ranges, close to Aiken, close to TIEC πŸ™‚ I always wanted to hike the AT but you know…bills etc…So cool that you did such a big chunk. Sorry about the knee though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so much fun doing the trail but i was a LOT LOT YOUNGER (and fitter then!). And Red is fine for most people just not me πŸ™‚ I respect those that love red. Mark keeps looking down there, just not much :(!


  2. It’s finally up! I got a good giggle out of some of yours. An alligator pit? OMG. Also, look at you – the trendsetter – meeting your husband online in the 90s. (I met my husband online too)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is the best! You weren’t kidding when you said we were similar. Does that mean I’m nuts also? I can’t believe you were dangled over an ALLIGATOR pit, though that made me laugh SO HARD (because obviously you’re ok, of course). So jealous of you growing up by Chincoteague- I was obsessed with Misty, Stormy and all those books/movies and it’s soooo on my bucket list to see the swim one year. I’m so tempted to call you Lisa now, but know that would only prompt you to call me Kathryn so I guess we’ll call it a wash. Lisa. SORRY, couldn’t help myself.

    I hate heights, too. Sears Tower with the glass walkouts? HARD NOPE. Ferris wheel? HARD NOPE. Ladder to hang Christmas lights? Call me the Grinch, but HARD NOPE.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you want to do the swim one year let me know. You can stay at my dad’s! πŸ™‚ HA yes i wont even get up on a step stool. AND I TOLD YOU WERE ALIKE, KATHRYN! πŸ™‚ ha ha ha (Yes an alligator pit i kid you not!)


  4. I admit I laughed out loud at the alligator pit experience! Yikes!! LOL! Totally jealous of your Chincoteague pony experience. I have always wanted to attend a swim and buy a pony!!!
    These are fun to read and I have been actively avoiding doing one of my own haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have to read things too and am also a super fast reader! I drive my trainer nuts because she’ll tell me a course in lessons and I get lost every time! And I don’t like the color red either (but that’s because it’s Bama’s color and I’m nothing if not diehard Auburn).


  6. LOL to the alligator pit dangling!

    OMG so many shared birthdays!!

    Oohh, what did you feed the skunk? I met one once that liked bologna.

    Please include me on all things HP lol

    And hell yeah Antique Roadshow! My mom loves that thing.

    And i hear you on the wishing you’d asked about history before it was too late to do so. I’m the same way and all my grandparents are gone now. Fortunately they left some kickass notes about things.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You’ve had some pretty cool jobs! So sorry about the original BF, that’s really tragic.
    I agree on red, but have two exceptions: I will now wear wine color since the addition of my wine colored boots, and I have a weird love of buffalo plaid. My horses will ONLY wear red if it’s in that pattern.
    That’s a lot of people with 1 birthday. I share my day with my uncle (mom’s brother). My older niece and my stepmom also share a b-day.

    Liked by 1 person

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