Quick Remus Update & Blogger Yard Sale

horsebloggeryardsaleRemus is home back at his barn. He seemed happy to be back last night but he was confused why his dinner wasn’t in his stall (he had eaten at Emily’s earlier). I saw Emily as I was leaving Fox Mill and she said she was having issues with his right canter and for me to do lots of transitions into canters and not canter too much (ha okay no worries there).  She thinks that the departures are the issue for him (he swings his rear out and then either goes into the wrong lead or trots and won’t canter).

I am going to try to schedule a lesson with her this upcoming week so we can work on it with her too since I won’t get to ride the next few days due to more rain coming again. It was nice to get him home before the rain and the mud is better at his home barn than over at Fox Mill so I hope his feet dry out soon. I have some new stuff from Vance (his farrier) for his feet (he doesn’t really have thrush, he just has perpetually wet feet (WONDER WHY WINTER?), I want to share in my blog but want to use it a bit more! Stay tuned!

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On to stuff for sale! I need to do a purge and need to get out to the barn to see what else I have!! Paypal only (unless you are local) and shipping is not included (or can meet if local) unless you buy a few things together, then we can discuss!! Offers always entertained.

IMG_2858.JPGZaldi Saddle 17 inch M/W tree in great shape, well used but a great starter or hack saddle.  $350.00 obo. I can get better photos (it has been sitting in my dining room since this was taken!) No fittings included though I could throw in the leather girth below if needed.


Circuit Leather Girth size 54 needs a good cleaning and conditioning but still in good shape. $20.00 or will throw in with saddle for free. (I know i have some other girths too, need to gather at barn, can you believe Remus wore this once? Before our monoflap he wore a 48 inch girth last (which will be for sale too when I get photos). He was really rotund back in the day for a 54 inch girth. But now we don’t need no regular girths anymore 🙂


PENDING SALE!! PS of Sweden Olympic Revolution cob size brown bridle, no reins (and I need to find the flash but sure it is at the barn in my tack trunk LOL) $100.00 obo (Paid over 250 dollars when new) This includes the throat latch which was extra!  I can take more photos in the sun(if it ever comes out again) if interested. It has been used well but is still in good shape. (The bit does not come with either unless you need a baucher with a french link? Let’s talk if you do, since I have 2!)

Ollie photobomb!!

Tredstep Solo Black coat with reversible buttons and zipper. Machine washable, breathes well. I love it and it is very comfortable but I bought the blue Kerrits and like that one more (and have not bought the purple one yet due to having too many coats). Also I assume this is a 16 (I think the 14 was too tight across my shoulders, this has some stretch though and holds the shape well!) they don’t list the size anywhere on it. Bought full price at Dover and maybe used twice if that!! A steal at $100.00. It is very hard to get good photos of this coat due to the darkness but ask for more photos if interested.

Dover brand full seat breeches: Not a lot of stretch in these but if you don’t need the stretch these are cute breeches and priced cheap.

  • Size 32, black and taupe, I think similar to these! I paid like 70 for them I think. Will take $35.00 for them. Used one or two times.

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  • Size 30, tan with full seat. These feel like khakis almost, very comfy but couldn’t get my fat ass in them!! LOL My loss. I will take $25.00 for these. Never worn. I haven’t found them on the website so not sure which trim they are.

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PENDING SALE!!!Majyk Equipe medium size cross country boots (first generation) set of 4 (black) front set used some, just need dust knocked off (I don’t think i ever used the back ones!) $50.00 for the whole set  (can get pictures this weekend)

PENDING SALE! Tredstep Donatello field boots size 9 (says 40 inside but that means size 9 according to the Tredstep website plus they fit me and I wear a 9!) regular calf. I bought at the Dover Tent sale a few years ago and since buying my new Ariats they haven’t been worn. Always kept at home and in boot bag! In good shape (might need polishing a bit) includes boot bag too in purple no less! $75.00 obo

That is it for now but I am sure I have more. I decided to post this a day early so have a great weekend all since I doubt I post tomorrow!! Stay dry and grounded if you are in our area (high rains and high winds are a coming to Delaware!)

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boo to rain and wind but COME ON FRIDAY!

35 thoughts on “Quick Remus Update & Blogger Yard Sale

  1. Go Remus go! lol Ugh I’ll be crossing my fingers the rain GOES AWAY for you guys! Kind of interested in those tredstep boots tho as every day boots but how big is the calf and can I actually do $75 right now? lol It’s a steal tho…. Ugh WHY lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, are they 18″ tall or less? I just can’t do taller than 18 1/2 but I don’t think they are lol. If they aren’t too tall I’ll take them! Caaaauuuuuuse I totally think I’ll get them LOL. Tack ho issues LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. the inside of the boot (not the outside which has the latter side) are 18 inches the outside is like 19 but again it is that cutout they do…..i am short (5.4) and they were not too tall for me just too tight in my calves 🙂


      1. i will throw bit in for free. Let me see what size box i can fit it in and then give you an estimate for shipping. Email me so i have your email….if i didnt give it you martidoll@gmail.com or yahoo.com (that is the paypal one) Thanks!! i did clean it up a bit 🙂


  2. Kind of tempted to buy the ME boots for Presto…

    Also the model of the Zaldi is the Star. I dunno if it actually says that anywhere on it.

    If you sell that coat does that mean you’re buying the purple one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes if i sell the coat i will buy the purple one and probably sell the blue one too 🙂 thanks fo the model of the Star, will put it on facebook if it doesnt sell her, it really adds nothing to the decor of the dining room sitting there LOL! (And let me know about the boots).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. if i actually get to ride the weekend will be cold and breezy which is fine but we have two days of Northeaster Rain first. UGH. I do have a lesson with Emily mid next week!

      Yes these boots would not fit around your guy’s legs LOL! They are dainty! 🙂


    1. I liked it at first a lot but found i like my eponia bridle better and that is cheaper priced but better leather i think! But I do like the PS Of Sweden brand and my bridle still looks good (The reins are another story!)…..


  3. yay for Remus coming home!!!!! and yay for selling stuff!! i totally missed the boat and got completely sidetracked away from even cleaning my stuff up to sell. womp.

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