A Nor’easter Arrives and The Art of Being Neighborly

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i did keep looking out for this all day and all weekend, crazy!

Whew that was a LOT OF wind from Friday onward (and snow and more rain and snow again). We had major damage to a neighbor’s tree that ended up not only taking our power out but also blocking our driveway and causing general upheaval on Friday night. (Can we get through a weekend ever again without losing power and/or internet?? Two for two so far.)

Credit to the City of Newark for getting there in like 10 minutes after power went out to start working like the busy beavers they were

We had snow most of the day on Friday. But sideways snow due to wind. Which is odd looking and hard to take a photo of (I tried). I had worked from home on Friday so my truck had literally sat in the same spot this tree fell on all day but as the wind grew stronger all day I went and moved it inside the gate and then Mark moved his car up to the gate when he got home. Not sure if it was a premonition or what but we often park under the trees. That night we did not.

When I went upstairs the wind was hitting the side of the house with such power it was shaking. Crazy ass winds. We have a cape cod and you are up in the dormer and hear everything. It was like being on a ship on the ocean minus the rocking. But we still had power.

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Kind felt like this minus the rocking LOL

I was watching Netflix on my iPad to drown out the wind with the headphones, and about 930 Mark came up. We both had our headphones on (I had switched to Audible by then) and nothing flickered or made any noise with the headphones on but i saw the phone in the corner light up when the power died, and I looked around and saw the clock was out. Ut-oh. No flashlight upstairs, thank goodness for iPhones! I ran downstairs to get a flashlight and then came back up. We never heard the tree crack but it was a big one and two sets of neighbors told us the next day they heard it.

So it was dark. We looked out the window and it looked to me like a big branch had fallen across our driveway and on the power lines. In like ten minutes, the trucks started pulling up and working hard. It was LOUD and Ollie did not like all the noise (CB radios blaring, men shouting, two trucks with flashing lights). Mark and Gretchen proceeded to fall back asleep but Ollie and me listened to every chainsaw. About a hour and half in I realized maybe there was more than a branch down (That chainsaw was NONSTOP).

They finally cleared out about 1130/midnight and about fifteen minutes later the phone flashed and we were back in business with power. Kudos to our city. They did this right. The neighborhood behind us lost power on Friday during the day and I am not sure it is back up yet (Delmarva Power provides them with electricity and their ET of power being back on was today sometime. YOWZA!

The next morning dawned cold and windy but we ventured out to let the dogs out and take a look at the damage. Um. There is a lot of tree on the ground. Luckily the city cleared our driveway and piled it on each side. So we could get out at least.

IMG_4246I started arranging quotes on Sat for removal of this crap. The first quote was over 600 bucks (I think Mark might have fainted a bit at that). It is our neighbor’s tree but he rents that place out so we kind of figured it was on us. We haven’t even seen the owner of this house in over a year.


But this is when things get good. I have another quote on Monday but…the tenants of the rental came over last night and told us not to worry about it, they were going to take care of it all. What? HUH? Are you crazy? They are young, strong cops who live next door and they have all the equipment. I offered to pay them. They refused. I think I will get them some wine and a gift card so they can go out or something if they end up cleaning up. Because that takes neighborly to a whole OTHER LEVEL!!Β  What nice kids! Restored my faith a bit in the world.IMG_4245 (1)
Then as I am typing this blog Mondays am, Asplundi shows up and some guy is supposed to be chipping most of the branches as we speak (but then he left so who knows!!). I am not sure if he will come back or not or take the big logs but at least the city is cleaning up some of the mess (I hope). What a weekend.

We were supposed to see a farm up in Coatesville this weekend, I did a drive by on Friday in the snow storm/ nor’easter (yes i am an idiot) and it was very cute, bit pricey but cute. Then our showing got cancelled, we went by there on Saturday and it is a mess up there, the lines are down, trees are down, no power, and no showings till next weekend or so. So this makes Mark think he doesn’t want to be out in the country. I swear my life is a damn boomerang. You never know where we will end up! HA!

My life lately

I have a lesson with Emily tomorrow so not sure I will have media but at least it will be more horse focused for this blog! How did you all fair in the storm (Those people in my general area and beyond)? I know Emma‘s barn lost power and had some tree damage and Sarah lost power on Friday but she was at work being Dr. Seuss! Anyone else? Our barn was out of power on Friday for about 15 hours but no real damage. Crazy crazy March already and it is only the 5th!! I didn’t do a darn thing with Remus, when I went out Friday to grab my stuff I sold, I didn’t even go out to see Remus the snow was so bad at that time and the wind was disgusting. All weekend the wind was howling, the ground is saturated so I am awfully glad I set up a lesson with Emily so we can use the indoor. Gotta try out this boot camp work before it disappears. Ha.

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March, baby in like a lion! LOL

19 thoughts on “A Nor’easter Arrives and The Art of Being Neighborly

  1. Wow! Glad everyone was ok and you got power back so quickly. We got the same storm a week earlier, but it was mostly rain, rain, and more rain! Can’t wait to see some Remus video too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow, that’s some quick service! We were fortunate to not lose power, and only got rain. Nothing major fell down that I knew of; my jumps even stayed up! But then I noticed the privacy fence on the lower part of my property is no more. Can’t ever get off scott free can we?! I’m waiting until later in the week to deal with it, because we’re getting hit by another of these storms Wednesday. This one is supposed to pretty snow. I think they’re saying 6 inches. Boo.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Randomly last night and this morning, but just flurries really. Luckily!
        Oh and I forgot to mention, about the wood… Around here in the country, if you just leave it with a free wood sign, it’s gone in a day. A lot of people heat with wood stoves.

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  3. ugh what a mess! my barn has fortunately been very quick on getting the trees cleared out of the roads and driveways and whatnot, but as of yesterday they were still just operating on generator power. meaning, yes there’s water and some lights, but still not full capacity. hopefully that gets resolved soon. i also hope that you can get out for some rides soon and take advantage of all that boot camp work soon too!!!


  4. We had that wind, too, it was crazy! I was home Thursday and Friday, just staring at all the trees in our yard (we have woods behind our house), praying they wouldn’t fall on us. Your neighbors sound fantastic! Good luck at your lesson tomorrow, hope Remus has been learning all the lessons while he’s in bootcamp!

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  5. That’s crazy. I haven’t had any issues with the wind we can get here. Mostly its a worry about the wind carrying fires, not knocking trees down. No trees to knock down here honestly.

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