Daylight Saving Time Begins This Weekend!

Why yes, that is my dog laying on the coffee table like he owns the place!

Happy Daylight Saving Time weekend! I truly love this time of the year when it starts staying light at night. More horsey time, more dog walk time, the start of grilling at night (once it warms the eff up). Things I hate are the dark mornings and having to figure out how to change the clocks in every place in the house and my truck (I do it twice a year you think I would KNOW how to do it by now in that damn truck).


But it really truly is a sign that Spring is really really coming. We got a bunch of snow on Wednesday again and it is gross outside. So gross, I am going to go see Dad this weekend since unless I haul out there is no way I can ride this weekend. Sally comes up next weekend to PA so I figure let’s go to VA this week (Plus I can pick up Sarah‘s and my blankets/sheets down in lower DE). Work smarter not harder, right? So don’t forget to push your clocks forward!

Ollie says nap smarter not harder 🙂

Some other tidbits from my week, I had my allergy testing on Thursday. Turns out I am not allergic to dogs or cats (whew, right?) but am allergic to about every tree known to man as well as several grasses, and some food sensitivity (tomatoes, oranges and shellfish?). All this means I have just have sensitivity to them. I had the worst headache on Wednesday so will be glad to get back to the Doc in a week or two to start treating this crap. (I thought it was sinuses, he says it is migraines but he wanted to rule out allergies).

None of my allergic reactions were above mild-moderate so I don’t think they are causing my headaches. ANYHOO, at least we are moving forward with treatment. Seems this winter I have had more headaches than ever before.


And let me share with you this stuff my farrier gave me to try (Well not gave, charged me to try). I think it is helping and I need to get photos of his hooves but it is called Groom’s Hand. It comes in a cool aerosol can with a hoof pick attached at the bottom of it. And it is purple. The first time I tried it, I got purple all over my hand. Don’t judge me people, I am one of those people that always gets Sharpie or paint or whatever all over me. BUT I do like the way it sprays out and covers the hoof  just where you want it and gets deep in the frog.  My farrier got it at a farrier’s conference but it is available online so if your horse has a tendency to have thrush or really wet hooves I would give it a try!

Don’t do this (but it washes right off LOL)

So have a good weekend all. I hope you have a wonderful horsey weekend compared to mine (duty calls with Dad). Also I have potential news about us possibly moving which is not going to make lots of us happy (including me) but you know you gotta do what you gotta do to keep money coming in (I am not the bread maker, duh). It might be the South for us but not the South we wanted.  Will keep all posted.

Image result for moving stress gif

And finally for your viewing pleasure(TGIF). Ollie who may think he is part cat! HA

Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time Begins This Weekend!

  1. Booo…I told you that you HAVE to move to SC!!! I’m an annoying morning person, so the first month of DLS makes me grumpy as I lose my morning sun, but I quickly get over it as it means more evening fun to be had! Have a great weekend!

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  2. The husband mentioned to me last night that daylight savings time was this weekend. I was like… really??? (basically my go-to response for anything I find exciting). I don’t care if the alarm on Monday morning feels super early – I just care about more daylight to ride in.

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  3. My Monday morning wake up is gonna suckkkkkkkkkkkk. But then I’ll get over it after this week. So happy to have longer light in the evenings. Now that you’ve mentioned grilling it’s all I want to do! We like to grill pizzas – sounds odd, right? But DAMN are they good. Homemade dough on a charcoal grill.

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  4. Oh no! I mean south is good-ish but if it’s not where you wanted to go then that kind of sucks. What about Remus? Is he coming with you?! And I’m thinking like uber south for some reason so I’m so hoping Remus is coming with! And I am pretty freaking happy about daylight savings time. I don’t care if it’s dark again in the mornings – I love that it’ll be lighter later into the evening! FINALLY it seems that spring/summer is on the way.

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  5. oooooh that hoof spray stuff looks intriguing – i kinda love the application design too, hoof pick and all! i’m a little sad about your moving news… hopefully it’s not too far? and not for a while so we still have time to do fun things???

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  6. Sorry about the move. Our move to the midwest was only brightened by the prospect that I could have horses in my backyard for the first time ever. It was definitely a trade off. I still miss our old home in Washington state.

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  7. That’s a lot of info in one post! Interesting you say that about headaches… I do get migraines, but like once every five years. This winter I’ve basically had a head ache everyday. Not a migraine (I didn’t see weird things like I do with migraines) but definitely headaches. I think maybe tension? Maybe sinus? Maybe both? I wonder if the barometric pressure has been especially wacky?
    Sorry about the move… That sounds annoying. But I’m sure you’ll make it work!
    And YAY for evening daylight!!! Now I just need the foot of snow predicted for tomorrow to not show up…

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