Decision Making: I Believe…

There were at least ten more sheets in the truck besides the ones photo’d here!

No real horsey update today.  I assume Remus had a great weekend and will see him later this week and do have a Sally lesson later this weekend so yay good things. I did pick up a jillion and one horse blankets on the way back from VA near the beaches (our horses have a lot of clothes, Sarah!). I took a photo but it only got about half of the blankets in the back of my truck!


Image result for chicken out gif

We went to VA to my dad’s for bills and pills and to hang out with family. Our grand plan was to discuss the possible move with them but we chickened out.  My mom will have been gone four years the first of April and Dad was a bit gloomy and we just couldn’t bring it up.

I go at least once a month now to VA and end up cleaning the house (he does have a cleaning lady thank goodness), straightening up things and making up a month of pills and checking on his bills etc. (Hence Bills and Pills as we call it).  I just don’t know how to get my head around moving far away and how often I would get back. My sister does a lot of the day to day stuff with him (he lives alone and is fine living alone still) and she would possibly have a stroke if we told her we were moving away again (we went to TX but totally different then since my mom was still alive and they were a lot younger, as were we!). But again my sister and my dad would be okay in the long run I think. We would have to figure it all out I know. I have even said we would offer for Dad to go with us but I don’t think he would leave where he lives now.

My brother is the only one who knows about the offer and he thinks we should do it (he is a bit of an emotional vacuum in our family so not shocked these are his thoughts, plus he is known to actually enjoy hanging out with my husband rather than with his sister (ME!)).

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Always panic is my motto

I want Mark to make the right decision for his career.  And I think he is thinking of not taking it because of my family and me and my life here! Which is awfully sweet of him.

The offer (and is is a good offer with lots of perks) he has received is to go to Memphis, TN which is not thrilling to either of us. You hear a lot of scary stories about Memphis and crime etc (just like any other big city in the South or North). I know NO bloggers there which is a crying shame. I will have to haul a lot further there if we go since there is not a huge eventing presence.  The property values are better there and there are some other things that are positive but if he decides to go I essentially have never been where we are moving to (if he takes the job, we do get two house hunting trips so there is that).


May need to take a page out of their book. Don’t worry be happy (and snuggly)!

He has to make the decision today (Monday the 12th) by EOD. If you wait five minutes, the decision will change so as of right now I am not thinking of writing any more blogging content just  would like for everyone to think good positive thoughts for us to make the right decision for us. Thanks as always for all your feedback. As soon as I KNOW I will let you all know!

Image result for bated breath gif
I believe we may make a decision..maybe LOL



26 thoughts on “Decision Making: I Believe…

  1. our horses have a lot of clothes, Sarah! Translation = your horses way too many clothes, Sarah! Especially considering you didn’t send ANY of Jiminy’s and barely made a dent in the pile of dirty blankets in your basement. And despite that, still couldn’t find a waterproof medium weight blanket for Subi the other day…

    Good luck with everything else…


  2. oh man, what a momentous decision to make! i don’t envy your husband at all. change or the possibility of change is so scary. hopefully whatever choice he makes turns out to be a great choice and you guys can move forward feeling really confident in it! let me knowwwwwww!!

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  3. Wow big decisions! I will say – Memphis has a scary reputation, but it can be a great city! And Tennessee has a fun eventing scene in the Nashville area. The Mississippi area isn’t bad if I remember correctly. Good luck on everything!


  4. So stressful! I’m sure your hubs will make the right call, and everything else will fall into place. Equestrian at Hart is an eventer/blogger in Tennessee… But I’m not sure where exactly. She’s having a human baby though, so hasn’t been blogging much.

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    1. thanks for giving me her blogging name someone else told me a while back but i had forgotten. I emailed and she already responded!! So nice of her to do that so quickly!! Thanks again!!


  5. My cousin went to Ol’ Miss for college and loved it! It’s about 30 minutes from Memphis so maybe look into living in Mississippi if you end up moving there. Plus you’ll get to eat delicious bbq all the time and go see the Peabody Ducks!! Oh and can’t forget Elvis and all the music on Beale Street 🙂 Either way hope you guys are happy with whatever decision he makes

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  6. I totally get the aging parents thing…except it’s my in-laws needing my husband close to them to help, and I’m ok with that (and yes, at one point we tried to have them move with us to another location –> big mistake, change is not their thing! lol). I just thought I’d say that I get it, and think I think either choice will probably be great in it’s own way! Good luck!


  7. Tough decision! FWIW, my little brother (software engineer) has lived in Memphis for five years and loves it so much he wouldn’t leave even when he changed jobs. It’s definitely got its rough spots, but it’s also got its microbrewery/20 somethings in condos scene too.

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  8. Good luck with the decision! Some tough things to factor in, but if you do end up moving I’m sure bloggers will rally and find you lots of horsey things to do!

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  9. Sometimes life throws us decisions we don’t want to make, but whatever you guys choose will work out! I too would have a hard time leaving my father, who is just about an hour south of me and the biggest reason I have not moved away from Maine, so I get it!

    Tennessee sounds warmer than the Northeast, but since I am getting more freakin sn*w right now, I am NOT the right person to ask haha! 😉

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