Blog Fail: Nothing to Share

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Nothing wrong with a Dark Willow reference on  a Monday, right?

Boy things are slow in content for this blog. I had to go to Dad’s this weekend so didn’t do one horse thing this weekend. I hope to see Remus this week and the following week I should (hopefully if the weather behaves) do a cross country school with Sally (fingers crossed).

Things are slow on the house hunting in TN/and getting the house in DE ready to sell. I did get a handyman by and waiting on his quotes. Mark has seen some houses (undesirable most of them).  It is a slow process.

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Kind of like this looking at houses in TN and getting our house on the market..

But the weather has gotten better (yay), the pollen count is getting higher (boo). My allergies are flaring. I have cleaners coming again this week and my realtor is having stagers come by for quotes (Side note: anyone use a stager before? This is all new to me).

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Me Panic? No not me….

I have a million and one things on my to do list between this house and work. I am feeling very very stressed at this moment and wake up at night thinking I forgot to do something. That is not very conducive to good sleep.

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Me with my first cup of coffee in the am.

I am hanging on by my fingertips and hope to have more topics and content soon. But it definitely is spring now here so I will take it! I hope also to talk Sarah into going trail riding again soon with me.

I hope the rest of you had fun-filled horsey weekends so I can live vicariously through you all!

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Me sitting down to catch up on blogs!



12 thoughts on “Blog Fail: Nothing to Share

  1. The stressful parts of life are a real drag, but soon enough you will be moved to TN and a lot of this will be behind you. Hang in there!! No advice on a stager, I’ve never had one but I have heard they can help the appeal of your house. I did get out on a nice trail ride on Sunday, but other than that I am not doing much at the moment horse wise either. Well, I did try out another horse Saturday but he was the exact opposite of his ad and what I wanted so that ended poorly. Right now I’m just about thinking I will never find what I am looking for and all is lost. Maybe I will just buy a foal and raise it myself. What could possibly go wrong with that??

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    1. well it sure would be a story for your blog (I know where there is a GORGEOUS COLT FOR SALE (or is it a FILLY) JUST KIDDING AMANDA! HA HA HA i am still laughing.

      You will find him or her (The right horse)..kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, break a lot of eggs to get your omelet 🙂

      Yeah our house is going to be a hard sell. adorable cape cod that is tiny as shit and laid out funky….but its in a great location etc. etc. we shall see 😉


  2. It’s okay to not have a lot of content! I’ve been feeling what you’re feeling the past few weeks. Not in terms of anything to do with houses but still, we all can get very stressed so I feel you. And go see Remus! Even if you feel you don’t have any time, I find even just hanging out with my ponies for 10-15 grooming or just being in the stall with them helps lower my stress :). Hang in there! You’ve got it!

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  3. Ugh I feel ya on just hangin on by your fingernails. Hopefully tho you get some boxes checked off the list soon! And hey, at least theoretically this will all be over soon anyway and you’ll be moved!! 😦

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  4. I feel ya.

    My adventure buddy is gone on other adventures, and shes my ride to any adventures, so we haven’t done anything. And not having a jump saddle is also boring. Boooooo.

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  5. I hope you get things settled soon! Moving is so stressful, especially when you don’t know where you’re going! Don’t stress about us readers, we’ll be here whenever you have time to fill us in!

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  6. Nothing about moving is easy, even when things go well. It will all work out, but I totally understand the stress. Building our house was just as much stress (and my dad was the builder – maybe that made for more stress?? hahaha). At least spring has arrived so the weather is one less thing to worry about! Hang in there!!

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