Get Out of My House! A Weekend Retrospective

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Possibly my fave movie of all time…LOL

The good news is I have a lesson with Emily today, Monday.  Horsey stuff yes!! The bad news is that the weekend I just had was so stressful it is a wonder I didn’t just fall into a fetal ball and start weeping. Or yell for people to get out of my house. Or both. (Maybe I did a bit).

It is never easy to move. I have done it many times but boy was I younger then. Now I feel like just one big ball of stress per day and it doesn’t help that this town has gotten so much busier lately (road work everywhere, college kids are almost done the semester, the weather is finally decent and so on) so nothing is easy. Everywhere takes more time to drive due to the endless line of traffic. Add in a house that was built about 70-80 years ago and crappy wiring etc. done by the previous owner and yeah you got it. I be crazy. Getting the repairs down at the house while being busy at work and being sole provider for the animals in my house. Yeah I have crazy eyes about now.

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Friday I took the dogs to daycare and waited for the handyman to text me that he was at my house. No text. So I texted him and he said oh he was waiting for you to let me know when the house was free. Ummm no I told you I would go to work at noon and take dogs (He couldn’t get there early on Friday he had told me). I finally leave work at 4 and go creepy crawly across town to get my dogs then creepy crawly back and….no handyman. He hadn’t been there all day. SO I just threw 37 bucks out the window with daycare. My dogs COULD have stayed home. On their couch where they are comfiest….

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Me Friday afternoon. I was NOT impressed.

The handyman shows up with an electrician friend about 530 pm Friday night and they look at a switch or two and then they leave. He had never had any intention of working at my house. I think our wires got crossed (ha get it a pun). Honestly, he is Polish with a strong accent and it was probably a language barrier more than anything..UGH…

But then he says he will be at my house on Saturday. Wait, the weekend?? Really? Because I was kind of looking forward to having my house back. Um yeah.  But at least th dogs were fine with him as long as I was there so I didn’t have to take them to daycare, AGAIN.

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Me upon hearing they were coming back on Saturday

But Sat dawned cooler than the forecast (don’t worry it caught up heat wise just not as hot in the early part of the day than it was going to be) and I  had errands to run. So the dogs went with me while they were working on my deck. Dogs love to ride so no big deal. We were out about 2 hours and when we came back they were done the deck (except for the painting that may never happen till June the way our forecast shows rain EVERY day for the next week) but they were inside working on our kitchen fan.

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My kitchen kind of looked like this when I got back…

The previous owners had a HUGE ass fan in that tiny galley kitchen. I truly wish I had done a before and after photo, the new fan makes the kitchen seem that much bigger. Rad was determined to fix it (The fan worked fine the lights didn’t work and yes I tried new light bulbs). He worked on it for 3 days straight and then Saturday he decided to put in the new one that I had bought at Lowe’s on Friday that was so much better-sized than the monstrosity the previous owners had in there. And it was not expensive. Easy fix right?

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Seriously what it was like with them putting this fan up…LOL

BUT wait, dear readers. When I came back with my dogs  I came in the house and Lester (his helper who speaks very little English) was trying to put the fan up. And Rad had gone to the store. So dogs and I came in and we went into the office and I got online and Lester turned the power off….and I was sitting with no internet, it was hot as hell in there and I was bored. I started texting Sarah to fuss about it all (Sorry Sarah).

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Meanwhile, have you ever heard Polish cussing? I am pretty sure that was what was going on in my kitchen. He must have taken the fan down three times then put it back up. Meanwhile Ollie would not settle he wanted out. So I let him in the back  yard and came back into the office with Gretchen.

And about 15 minutes went by and I went to check on Ollie. And he was not to be found. Little shit had gotten out (he can fit thru the deck railings  since we had plastic netting on it for my dad’s Chihuahua, and they have removed it while redoing the deck, I never knew OLLIE could get thru it).

Innocent till proven guilty, Ollie says. HA!

So Ollie was gone (He got out the other night too but was not so far away, this time he was GONE NO OLLIE). It was hot as eff out and I almost started hyperventilating. Shouting his name (Our new neighbors must think we are crazy they were working on the house next door and I am running around in circles. No Ollie). I seriously thought someone had picked him up but I didn’t think he would get in a car with just anyone. I got into my truck to go drive and look for him (we live near a very busy road and I was just so sure he had gone that way). I texted Mark before backing the truck out and I see the monster trotting back to me from the other way down the road, coming home. I admit I was crying by then. The little shit would not go back in the house, my truck was parked under a tree so put the windows down and threw him into the truck.

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Me to Ollie, several times all weekend!


Then Rad got back with the supplies and he went in to help Lester with the fan. MORE POLISH CUSSING. They FINALLY got it working. I brought Ollie back in once they   were done the fan (I think the drilling was bothering him why he didn’t want to be in there) and he collapsed on the wood floor by the kitchen door to stare balefully at Lester as he finished putting the bulbs in the fan. (Lester not Ollie, Ollie has no thumbs)! HA

They left around 3 and I had my house back to myself. I literally was up in bed on Saturday by 730 and then a whale of a storm rolled in and I was like you gotta be kidding me, luckily it did not last long and I slept until 6-ish got up fed dogs let them out and we all went back to bed till 8.

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I sure hope not but bring popcorn in case! 🙂

Meanwhile on the house in TN front, the people who own the house are a bit odd. But hopefully all goes smoothly. Mark and I are constantly waiting for something to not go smoothly.

Sunday was rainy and gloomy. I didn’t even go out to Remus and just will see him today  and haul him to Emily’s. Ran errands all Sunday in the downpour. UGH. What a crazy ass weekend. I hope everyone else’s was quieter and/or more fun!

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Yes a medal for surviving the weekend, thanks!

12 thoughts on “Get Out of My House! A Weekend Retrospective

  1. Just a heads up. 472 was paved right up to Media Rd/Matteo’s Pizza as of Friday. The whole next stretch of the rd is now torn up past my house. Migraine since yesterday so staying home if anyone will answer the phone at work so I can call off. Have a good lesson. My free month is almost over. I need a job soon. This month off hasn’t been fun.

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  2. oh man, ugh…. so much to do, and i totally hate having to rely on other ppl to get things done too. just the thought of moving is enough to send me into palpitations, and i don’t even own or have to be responsible for any major repairs….. good luck!

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  3. I feel you on the buying a house thing. When we were buying our house, I was in a constant state of convincing myself that something was about to happen that would ruin the whole plan. Keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you!

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  4. I’m so glad Ollie came back! I can’t imagine how that augmented your stress with everything else going on. Hopefully horse time today will re-right the world. =)

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  5. UGH! I hate busy/awful weekends. And I thought my Saturday was annoying because my housekeeper decided not to show up Saturday until 3ish which meant she didn’t leave until 8 pm. You win though, you win so hard. Fingers majorly crossed that things slow down for you ASAP.

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  6. Oh wow that….really majorly sucks. I’m sorry about that. Hopefully it’ll calm down soon but I’m in the same boat with construction. CONSTRUCTION EVERYWHERE I DRIVE. And there used to be none or minimal and it’s so frustrating so I feel you. Hugs!! ❤

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  7. Moving is awful no matter how hard you try to make it go smoothly. I hope this last weekend is the last of the struggles. It’s supposed to rain all week here which makes me want to cancel my vacation and go to work and take off next week instead when I can ride. But nope

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  8. Oh geez!!!! Busy busy weekend!!!! We have a hole in our fence line somewhere and I had to go dog search Saturday too. I was not happy bc I had a dinner to go to. We have a great little thing called Whistle that we use to track our dogs and it works great 90+% of the time. But of course I was charging it on Saturday sooooo yeah. Not a happy person when the bad doggies showed back up after I drove around looking for them!!!

    Hope the rest of the housing stuff goes smooth for you guys!!! I feel like you got your quota of crazies out of the way so everything should go well now? Hopefully!!!!

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  9. OMG why Ollie?! I’m so glad he came back before you completely lost it. So stressful all around! I’m in a similar boat with house repairs, but fortunately, I’m not exactly on a time frame since I’m not going anywhere.
    I really hope everything goes smoothly with the TN house!

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