Dressage Lesson With Emily: Last One?

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900 miles apart is a bit too far for her to tell me to point my thumbs to the outside more 🙂

Oh man these lessons with Emily are drawing to a close way too soon. We are finally getting somewhere and now I have to move away and find all new trainers. I asked if Emily would teach me via Facetime even!

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My hair was just sweaty but Remus mane looked like Monica’s hair!

My lesson was Monday afternoon with Emily and it was a humid day (it was only in the 70’s but felt ten pounds heavier in humidity.) Remus was not excited about going to ride. I was not excited about going to ride. It was that kind of day. Remus was also filthy. Alas I have no media to show you how gross he was but we kind of knocked the dirt off as much as we could, cleaned the mud from his mane and pulled the burrs out of his tail. And he has finally begun shedding in earnest. Yes in the middle of MAY! The rate he is going he will still have a winter coat by the time he goes to Tennessee!

Once we got there I finished tacking him up and at least got to go into the cooler arena to ride (It was still warm but not as horribly humid, and there was a slight breeze coming in the windows). Of course in my hurry to leave work, go let dogs out, and head to barn I forgot my spurs. And I have no idea where my gloves are (since the FH Schooling where DID I put them?). I found one old glove in my helmet bag. Um no that won’t do. I did remember my dressage whip. Sometimes miracles happen.

Image result for its a miracle gif

But amazingly enough he was moving off my leg. And he was not pulling too hard on my shoulders. It was a pretty pleasant ride. Not letting him curl too low meant pushing him forward but he was actually coming forward when I squeezed with my legs or tapped with my whip. And cantering was almost a pleasure (OKAY we are still trotting into it like a ten year old learning how to canter her pony but we are going into it with no fuss) and he cantered around once we were in it like a pro. It was crazy to be like wow this is not bad. SO CLOSE TO GETTING THERE. Again no media because I suck and I was too lazy to figure out how to get my phone set up in that huge arena to get video. Also my phone is having issues (it is a 6Plus and I think it is nearing the end of its life omg). It was at like 35 percent when I got to Emily’s and it was being charged in the truck on the way there. Yeah….another post…..for another day.

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Sums up my phone most days….

So I am not sure if I will get another lesson in before I move. Emily is in the middle of a huge move herself moving to her new farm this weekend then moving the horses in the next few weeks. All sorts of stuff happening everywhere. But I am really glad pissy Remus didn’t come out to play and instead we had the nice Remus for this lesson. Not even any ears back. Hmmm…..

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Me regarding the fact that I move in less than 3 weeks!

On other news, my movers come the 4th of June. Gulp. Our inspection on the new house is next Monday. My deck is STILL NOT painted due to this exasperating thing called rain every EFFING DAY. The storms we had last night were scary to say the least. I got the dogs out one more time in one round of storms and saw lightning go across the sky in like five different directions (bolts!) and  was like YEP TIME TO GO BACK INSIDE (even Ollie came a flying!  We have rain in the forecast till next Monday. I have weeds growing everywhere, I can’t spray, I can’t do anything except watch them grow.

Thank goodness it is Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were very very long and I need Friday asap. Happy Hump day all!

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Learn it, preach it, live it! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dressage Lesson With Emily: Last One?

  1. It’s raining here every day as well. And not a pleasant rain either. It’s dropping buckets with lightening as a back drop then clearing for a few hours and then repeat. Ugh.

    It’s great when the horse shows up to play and I’m glad you are getting some great final lessons in. Memphis has to have some trainers, right?! Otherwise just pack the bags right back up and come to SC! HA!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So much going on! I’m glad you were able to have a productive lesson tho. I had an iPhone 6+ that I recently had to replace with a newer phone. Same issues you are having. Blah.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good boy Remus! Wow that’s a lot going on. Any news about whether Remus can go with you to Tennessee or not? June 4th is definitely coming up very soon! Hopefully everything is going well with the house you’re looking at as well!


  4. The storms so far this year are SO impressive! I’m glad you were able to get a lesson in and with a happy ears horse at that!


  5. We had those storms last night too! They were crazy!
    I’m sure everything will fall into place, but boy is it stressful until that happens, huh? Eek. I’m glad you had a great lesson though! Even without spurs. That’s impressive.

    Liked by 1 person

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