I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

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It still is raining in DE. Like our Fair Hill recognized trial for this weekend was cancelled yesterday because of all the rain, four days ahead. YOU KNOW that is a lot of water. My work is zooming along and stressing me out. The moving costs were skyrocketing and the estimate was marked incorrectly as COD and they wanted 12,000 to move us. OMG my stress on Thursday was at an all time high.

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our area right now…

So Tanya had planned for us to go out to dinner last night. Now she made me pick a day weeks ago and I had briefly wondered if she was planning something more than just her and me having dinner. But then I was like no she is my good friend she would NEVER DO anything like that. HA!

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Maybe she is just sneaky?

We were meeting on Main Street in Newark. Which is seriously like the worst place to go on a rainy evening in May (students do not care if is is raining or not as long as there is alcohol. LOL). There was no parking. I could have walked to there from my house, compared to where I ended up parking. I was lambasting Tanya on the phone because it was so crazy (classes had just ended this week so the students were there to PARTY). I finally found parking and was hustling toward the restaurant and I shit you not but even though we have had tons of rain the sidewalk had their damn SPRINKLERS ON. I had to walk thru them because if i had stepped down from the curb I would not have needed dinner I would have needed the morgue from the amount of traffic on that road. LOL So I  screamed at Tanya some more on the phone. (You know you would think she would be GLAD I was moving away, I really do fuss at her a lot)

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Sorry Tanya! LOL

Finally got to the restaurant and she was standing there by the hostess stand. And I have to say my antenna went up for a second. I thought Iron Hill would have given her our table and let her wait there. But the hostess asked Tanya, “Just the two of you, right” and off we went to the back of the building.

I was oblivious till we got back there and I saw Kym sitting there (who I  haven’t seen in forever) and then spied Emily sitting there, and Brooke and then I was like…….what?? SARAH was there too, that minx who had been texting me all day about how busy she was packing and working blah blah blah. I told Tanya I was never speaking to her again after this. HA!

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They totally got me with this surprise!

What a nice thing to do though, right? And how she actually got Kym and Emily out of the barn or arena and to a nice restaurant I will never know! (I actually was shocked to see them in street clothes!) HA! And Emily moves to her new farm this weekend so I know she has plenty to do. EVERYONE IS BUSY. It was so nice for people to do this.

We had a great time. Some others couldn’t make it but we made up for it with our laughing and then laughing some more. I am seriously going to miss so many people up here when I move. I really get sad thinking about leaving everyone but then thank goodness the internet is what it is and we really aren’t leaving everyone. Does that make sense?? I love all you guys and am so touched that you all did this.

It was a great night and just what the doctor ordered after the stressful ass week I have had.  I am so glad I have friends like this. I hope to meet more friends in TN but none of you are ever going to be forgotten!

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11 thoughts on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Awwww, that is SO nice! Sometimes a fun night like that is exactly what you need during a stressful week. 🙂 (Side note: please keep the rain, kthanks haha.)


  2. what a fun evening- so glad it all worked out!! you will definitely be missed after you move, but something tells me you’ll have no trouble meeting all sorts of fun folks down in TN too!!

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  3. That sounds like a really nice sendoff. And a fairly low key surprise. Moving is a bitch and does get really expensive. We did the hauling ourselves because the cost would have just been too high.

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  4. Aw, that’s so awesome of everyone to do. Sounds like a great evening! And you’re right, thanks to these here interwebs you’re never really that far from anyone.
    Sorry about all the other stress. I hope things chill out soon for you!

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  5. Aww that is so wonderful to be surrounded by such a great group of people sending you off- also a real testament to what a great person YOU are that people would want to do that for you!!


  6. Hahahahha…the look on your face! And girls!!! She turned on her heel & pretended to leave when she realized she had a bunch of friendly faces there for her. So cute!!!! 😜
    Seriously, it was great to see you Michele & i am so glad i got cleaned up & came out to see you! Xoxoxo Kym

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