May Is Almost Over With? Say What??

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Me most days lately

Can you believe it is almost the end of May? How did that happen?

Options, Options, Options. What to do? Sally had lessons on Sunday at Kealani, then possibly cross country on Tuesday at Fair Hill (which due to rainfall I don’t think will happen) and if not she will go to Windurra. And then Wednesday she has lessons at Kealani again. So I could totally get a lesson in.

But I don’t think I am going to do any of them. Wah Wah

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I woke up on Sunday am (and it was NOT raining for once, it was a miracle, though it was humid as hell) and had a mild, slight panic attack. June (the month not a person) is running toward us as fast as it can. And I am not ready.

I still have to sort out the movers and get it so they pick up our stuff right before the house closing so it can go straight there (inspection is today, Monday, please think positive thoughts for us that there is no Indian burial grounds or anything like that to put us off!). But back to the movers, I am not paying 4500 for 30 days of storage I will give all my furniture away first LOL.

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Let’s hope the inspector doesn’t start out saying this πŸ™‚

I also have Mark coming home this weekend (YAY, havent seen him in over a month) and we will be very busy packing up and sorting through stuff. AND the other reason I might not ride is that when I leave for TN I am taking my trailer with me but leaving Remus behind for a bit. But I need to clean my trailer out but good and get it ready for hauling household items (and my saddle, tack box etc). SO I think I should bring it home to the house and let it air out some after cleaning it and then start packing it up and having it ready for hitting the road. I also lost a hubcap (damn West Grove tiny ass roads) and grabbed it but need to get it looked at and replaced. AND I possibly need to get the trailer just looked over before driving it 900 plus miles.

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So I think I am putting the kibosh on riding out for a bit. And the ring at the barn probably will be wet for a week after this rain. SO I will ride when I can but am giving myself a pass and not stressing about it all. I even packed my show clothes this weekend (okay I know where that box is just in case HA). I will take that box with me but otherwise, ehhh I don’t need to add stress to my every day stressful life. Remus sure doesn’t care if we show or compete or take lessons. So there might not be a lot of horse content in the coming weeks. But i am sure I will have plenty to tell you (OR VENT ABOUT).

This weather is insane. Today is actually nice and sunny looking but I was wearing a jacket on Saturday it was 52 degrees and Sunday was hot and humid and almost 90. And of course it is supposed to now rain tomorrow (AGAIN) when my deck is supposed to be painted.

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Me about getting my deck FINALLY painted. SIGH

Anyway, here’s hoping nothing horrible shows up today at the inspection and we can move forward to buying our new house (If all goes well, we actually close on June 15th, that is only about three weeks away OMG). Excuse me while I go find some cheesecake! Hope everyone else had great weekends! Is Friday here yet? πŸ™‚

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Cheesecake solves all!






24 thoughts on “May Is Almost Over With? Say What??

  1. Still hoping we can get a trail ride in before you leave but it’s not looking possible. Batt ruined everything! But it’s ok. When the rain stops I’ll just have to get up my nerve and start solo trail riding.

    Good luck today…


  2. Good luck today! All my crossables are crossed for you. It rained every single day here last week and is still looking like rain today and tomorrow. And I’m not talking about a suck it up drizzle. No…it down poured complete with thunder and lightening every single blasted day.

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  3. your last gif.

    GET THE CHEESECAKE OUT, WOMAN. we shouldve brought it to our fair hill tailgates, which i will desperately miss you at. youll have to come up and visit us!!!

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  4. ooooh good luck with the inspection!!! my fingers are crossed! also good luck with all the last little bits of packing and cleaning and everything. ugh. so much work. that’s so convenient tho that you can use the trailer for moving too haha – tho yea, mine would need to air out considerably first too πŸ˜‰

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  5. Good luck at the inspection! I would TOTALLY give myself a riding pass considering everything you are doing- riding is supposed to be fun remember?? Remus will probably enjoy the mini vacay, and you can focus on getting moved successfully!

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  6. Just think in like 3 months, your life will be so boring, lol. Hoping everything goes well with inspection and do not feel any guilt about not riding. Man you have a lot going on!!

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