Once More With Feeling….House Buying Is Stressful!

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Now the whole soundtrack to this episode will be in my head all day!

Quick update on inspection. Nothing huge came up. A few things came up but nothing horrible. My most important thing to do first is get my husband out of his tailspin.

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 he was doing a Niles at the inspection for sure…..

Thank goodness we have unlimited texts because I know I got a thousand texts from my husband from yesterday to today. Poor guy does not do well without me around. I get it though. This is a huge undertaking buying a house and not having your wife there or even having your wife step foot on the property before buying it.

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There are some oddities with this place. The owner never lived in it so she is not required to do a disclosure.  Which bothers us. They still have tons of stuff in the barn and in the house (They have literally 24 days to get their stuff out so they hopefully will). The people who live there (family of the owner) are not the best house cleaners (I am being nice). Mark got there yesterday and realized how remote it was and that the internet/cell phone choices might not be the best due to the remoteness and he started texting me. When he could get a signal (he bounced back from his Verizon work phone to his personal ATT phone LOL).  The inspection process down in TN is not as thorough as it is up in the Northeast (not to code, no problem, huh?).

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Again minor things were found. The good things were that the roof is fine, the septic is fine and the ac/heat unit are in good shape. The bad things are the faucet in the kitchen leaks and the oven….well the oven is literally holding on by a clip to the cabinets. Again odd place. The stove top looks like they used it for art projects for their kids. A few windows probably need replacing down the road. Etc. The whole place needs a good cleaning. Which we have requested in our contract, a professional cleaning once they move out. We are not clean freaks but they didn’t even make the bed before the inspection yesterday? Who DOES that? Anyway, we haven’t even gotten the full report yet.

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Evil kitty go away

Poor Mark and my realtor, one thing that happened was the barn cat there killed a squirrel. On the screened in back porch. EWWWWWWW see I thought there might be some Deliverance or Poltergeist there….LOL OMG…..I am glad I wasn’t there! 50 bucks the blood will still be on the floor when we move in…gross….

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Here’s hoping they don’t forget to take their cat with them! LOL

Stay tuned. I have photos to download and will post tomorrow hopefully(NOT Of the poor dead squirrel but of the house and barn)! Also want to share the mickey mouse way they have their oven shoved into the cabinet. Oh yes it is going to be a bumpy ride! HA Buckle up!

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Me and Mark holding on for dear life LOL!

18 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling….House Buying Is Stressful!

  1. Bahaha I feel like Mark and I will get along. When we bought our house there were some minor things on the inspection as well- bathroom exhaust fan not working, needing more insulation in the attic, some vent being bent…and I was full blown nervous meltdown. The cell service though is a real bummer- is there another provider to switch to? Can’t wait to see more pictures!

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  2. Oh man, I feel you. NY state has to be the worst for buying and selling. When we bought our house it kept getting delayed for stupid things like the thermostat not working (it needed a new battery, look out!) and the trim for the windows on the covered porch was peeling. Yeah, I think we could have dealt with that when we moved in, NY… Hopefully things start to settle down for you guys soon!

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    1. beside the people currently living there?? One thing…the facsia at the top of the roof (the fake cape code bit) had a fire once….and there is damage….but that is the only horrible thing on there….and it needs a new oven, new faucet, new dishwasher and new windows 😉 LOLOLOL

      I think Mark would like to back out honestly. I hope I am not steering him wrong 🙂


  3. oh man, i’d probably be crawling up the walls too. that’s a relief that nothing big was uncovered but hopefully you can get the current residents out and the place clean and clear in short order!! minus any dead squirrels plz!!

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  4. Yeah that’s so interesting when things end up being different from state to state. That not-required disclosure is a little unsettling, but thankfully they didn’t need to fix anything TOO horrible. Unfortunately, there is still money you’ll need to spend to fix certain things, but unfortunately I feel like that comes with every house-buying adventure. Unless maybe you’re a billionaire and you can afford perfect? lolol So glad it’s moving forward. You’re ALMOST THERE! Keep going!!! We’re all here for you!!!


  5. If you hear banjos paddle faster!!!! You’re in Tennessee now!!! 😂😂😂 oh and maybe a landline is in your future???? Gotta love rural living!!!! But I do think the pros out weigh the cons in the long run. It may seem stressful now but just wait till you’ll be sitting on your porch listening to the crickets and looking up at the stars!!!

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  6. Hey one less squirrel isn’t a bad thing. (Says the girl who had them in the house…)
    Sounds like nothing terribly major at least. That’s good news! Generally I think they always find some things to report on when inspecting unless the house is absolutely brand new and 100% to code. Can’t wait to see pictures!


  7. No house will come up perfect unless it is built custom and even then I’m sure something will break. Focus on the positive! No major renovations required and the people don’t come with the house. It is stressful though and it’s weird they don’t have to do the disclosure just because they haven’t lived there. They do own it. Odd. Hang in there!

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