Where the Green Grass Grows: An Update

IMG_5769 (3).JPG
This is a photo in the house that shows horses running up the driveway there. How cool is this?Β 

I am starting this blog post (on Wednesday morning) but NOT publishing it till after we hear back from the owners of the property. Our realtor who is FANTASTIC came back with a few concessions we want the sellers to make after the inspection results so we have reached out and asked for money at closing and also required them to remove all debris in the barn and attics (they have stuff everywhere) and bush hog the whole property as well. I hope we don’t piss them off. Go cry me a river…

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Nothing wrong with a little JT right?

SO now it is Thursday morning and guess what?? They accepted our concessions. (I am really getting a bit worried now that this house really does have a dark dark secret).

Related image
Hope it is not the TN version of Amityville! LOL

Moving on….the appraisal should be done soon (Oh this was stellar, we paid for our appraisal thenΒ  a week later they said oh you need to pay more you have land and a barn. Ummm didn’t you realize that when you charged us the first time)? People! But things must be a moving.

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I am still freaking out thinking that A) We won’t make that close date and B) Something will happen but as of right now it seems like all systems are go. The very good news I got yesterday was I found a cable company in the town nearest us that provides high speed internet. Will it be as fast as here in the city? Probably not. But will it be faster than DSL or dial up? I am sure. SO YAY!

Image result for yay gif

Considering I will be working at home 100 percent once I get down there that is very good news. Plus I have a blog to maintain! And it is kind of refreshing to talk to one person and have her tell me to call back if I have any questions and she gave me her direct line and her email. I am used to anonymous Verizon people in far away lands helping me out and having no direct line. (No Verizon or Comcast available, that may not be a bad thing!)

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On to the photo dump! Mark was nice enough while attending three inspections on Monday night (Termite, Septic, and Home) to still take some photos. Enjoy! (Oh and I will put the oven in too just for you guys)!

This shows the strap to the left literally holding onto the cabinet (the only thing holding it in). SMH

The oven is a wall unit model. We have already priced them to see what they are due to the fact that these people had no idea what a self-clean button was. OMG.Β  Yeah that bad.

Here is the new fridge they managed to swap in without anyone noticing (but of course I did).

There was a nice French door fridge which we asked for them to leave and when Mark got back to the house for the inspection, we figured out they swapped it out for this new, cheaper version. They are giving us money for the difference and the good thing is this one is sparkling clean (AKA new) unlike any other appliances there! πŸ™‚

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And some more barn shots! Can’t even get tired of looking at this barn. I do see we need something (fill dirt, gravel?) by the stalls so the water doesn’t just sit there, no horses there so if it’s a muddy mess without horses..can you imagine?

Some shots of the land and the pond. (the gate shot is our entrance gate, see the field with the horse in it that is our neighbors field, poor Mark wanted that field to be ours. I say the field we got is plenty big for Remus and any friends).

And two more shots of the balcony of the apartment and the view from the balcony to the barn. How cool is that? And the person who owned the house before the current owner was definitely a green thumb. A lot of overgrown but very pretty foliage throughout the property. UGH I am not good at that stuff either so we shall see.

Image result for where the green grass grows tim mcgraw gif
might need this guy as a gardener πŸ™‚

So that is in a nutshell. Mark got more images in the house but the lighting is kind of bad and their stuff is everywhere. What do you think? Keep those fingers and eyes crossed for us a few more weeks!!


15 thoughts on “Where the Green Grass Grows: An Update

  1. Everything is crossed!!! The barn is so nice!! When we made our offer we included them bush hogging the entire place, fixing broken fence boards and cleaning out the barn of all their crap plus they had to pay for professional cleaning of the house. I think it is pretty normal to expect the place to be tidy when you move in. Shame on them for trying to sneak in a crappy fridge. Glad you caught it and made them pay the difference.


  2. AH! Keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed for you both! I can’t believe they tried to swap out the fridge on you like that. People are crazy.

    As for the mud around the stalls of the barn, it looks like the water is just running off the roof of the barn and into that area? Gutters that direct the water away would probably solve the issue. If not, you could put in a french drain there. Cover with pea gravel as the top layer to save the pony feets.

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  3. So excited for you! I have a feeling they’re willing to compromise because they want their free loading relatives out of their hair πŸ˜‰
    The barn looks amazing, and I’m SO JEALOUS of your field! I bet you’re pinching yourself about having Remus home with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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