The Surgery That Didn’t Happen: Why Doesn’t Money Grow on Trees Yet?

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for Gretchen. She is doing fine BUT we ended up not getting the surgery.

The dynamic duo catching up on their sleep…

She had a reaction to the milder version of anesthesia they were using and the vet called me and asked if it was okay to use the full version of anesthesia (i.e. tube down her throat). This would have knocked the price up to more than double/almost triple to what it already was. I was like…umm…no I don’t think so.

IMG_4934 (1)
She is pretty comfy living with us…

The thing is this dog has no medical history before we adopted her going on 3 years ago. She could have ten things wrong with her. We know she eats, drinks, poops, and pees and plays with Ollie a LOT. She is happy.  She doesn’t know she might have cancer. We don’t know how long we have with her but we will see how long the ride lasts. I had to get my cat’s vaccs updated and Ollie goes tomorrow for his. I just couldn’t warrant spending that much on her (the cheaper way we were going was still not low-priced but it was at a level I could wrap my head around). I hope my vet understood. Everyone (the vet techs and the other vets) told me I made the right choice. I will kick myself it it turns out to be cancer and spreads but I have to make the right choice for all my animals.

Gretchen watching history made….not (not that history was not made but she sure didn’t watch it 🙂 LOL)

Remus still needs to be hauled to TN.  He will need a health certificate, there are numerous outgoings in our bank account right now. If Gretchen was a puppy it would be one thing but this dog who has wrapped herself around my heart is possibly 10, could be 15. We will love her while we have her but otherwise I just couldn’t bite the bullet and pay that much.

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She was so happy to be home. She was bouncing and barking when I picked her up. She is a happy older senior that we saved at a rescue. We will continue to rescue as much as we can and we spend a lot on our pets. But sometimes you have to draw the line. And if I had agreed and she had gone under and had another reaction, I would never have forgiven myself.

So after all that, the surgery wasn’t done. I don’t think she cares and I know she will have a better ride to TN without having sutures in her side. Of course she does have a shaved side and shaved leg LOL so she looks kind of funny. She is such a sweetheart and is such a good dog no matter what issues she has. Oh Gretchen, you make my heart sing.

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I got the best people in my life as well! My barn people gave me a lovely going away present which needs its own blog post AND Amanda has pulled through for her favorite buckskin Remus again by getting him something very pretty! Friends. They make my heart sing too!! Thanks to all of you to keep everything groovy for me even when I am losing my damn mind!

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It’s Moving Day!! OMG so much to do still!! See you on the flip side!

16 thoughts on “The Surgery That Didn’t Happen: Why Doesn’t Money Grow on Trees Yet?

  1. Moving is hard, stressful, and EXPENSIVE. The reaction to the milder version of anesthetic was maybe a sign that Gretchen needed to make the trip without any surgery. Getting so close!

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  2. oh man, i’m sorry that sounds like a real emotional roller coaster tho. i think you made a really responsible and humane choice for Gretchen, while also keeping all the rest of your pets and responsibilities in mind. i’m glad she’s so comfortable and happy, and hope she stays that way for a long time to come!! hang in there for these last few days – hopefully there aren’t any more bumps in the road!

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    1. well the movers havent showed up yet and now they arent sure if they are scheduled today or tomorrow. UMMMM say what? I have your email saying what days they will be here. OMG anyway. Gretchen is very happy. Me not so much!


  3. Yeah that’s scary when they have a reaction. Choco had a bad reaction after coming out of anesthesia to do her teeth last time. She wasn’t pooping, was extremely lethargic (I mean more than usual lol) and wouldn’t eat. And every time she did poop, there was blood in her stool. We were really worried and are extremely hesitant to have her go through that again so I feel you. I think you made a good choice for her and all your animals, and I’m sure I would’ve made the exact same one you did. ❤

    I just saw in one of your comments that the movers aren't sure they're coming. Well, that's BS lol. Hopefully they'll get there soon!

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  4. So much added stress right there! I think you made a good call. And all that added anesthesia could have been pretty hard on her.
    Good luck with moving day! Hope everything goes smoothly (you know… once the movers show up)!


  5. I am right with you on your decision and would have done the same. It is always a balancing act with animals! (And what if she had a worse reaction to the stronger anesthesia!?) I hope the moving goes as smoothly as possible!

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  6. I totally get it- we have to make such personal decisions about our pets. And to be honest, money does play a factor in all that. I hate to admit that, but it does. And it’s not like they help pay the bills, lol.
    Good luck with the move and give Gretchen some extra kisses!


  7. Being budget/reality aware is one of the more grim aspects of being a pet owner. I think you made the right call, for what it is worth. Older animals have issues with vet care and you are correct in thinking that you have to consider what all the costs will be. Maybe after the move settles and your bank account settles, you can look into it again. Otherwise, Gretchen is loved, well cared for and happy. It’s not affecting her quality of life at this point and you pay such close attention I know you’d catch it if it changes.

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  8. I 1000% support your decision. I mean, you don’t even know if it’s cancerous. That would be a veryyyyy expensive and risky surgery on an older dog- potentially for no reason. Not judgement here at all- you got this!

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