There Are No Words For How Messed Up This Move Has Been!

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Me about now

UPDATE: No truck today and they are calling me back between 12-1 to SEE if they have a truck for tomorrow. I have told everyone I can that this bullshit. Stay tuned! UGH…

I had another blog post that I wanted to write for Wednesday but I am in such a dark, angry place I couldn’t write that one yet. Instead I have to be mean angry Michele for a bit longer.

Why you ask? Because people suck. Hugely. Not you all but the rest of the world. I am so tired of dealing with half-assed companies. IF a truck and movers are booked for the 12th and 13th I expect the truck to be here. End of story. Ahem.

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What happened? The truck didn’t show up on Tuesday, so when I FINALLY got a hold of someone they said OH they decided they didn’t need to have two days. OKAY but you could have TOLD me that. I took dogs to daycare for no reason at all. But whatever, I went thru my day mildly annoyed but got some other stuff done. Great. But wait. There is MORE!

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They called me at 4/5 pm (or thereabout) and said there is an issue with the truck. Umm what issue? They have a trade show to load for so there is no truck. No but you called me this morning and said the truck would be here on Weds am. Yes I know. So why is there no truck. We are trying to do what we can for you. I need a truck here tomorrow. I have cleaners and carpet people coming on Thursday expecting an empty house. I need to be on the road on Friday sometime. We understand and we are sorry. No you can’t be that sorry if you were really sorry you would have kept my reservation….and so on.

SO DAMN FRUSTRATING. WTF has this world come to? And we are not talking Uhaul costs. THIS MOVE IS COSTING about 8k without any packing etc. COME ON. MOVE MY SHIT PEOPLE. YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE ME ANGRY(ier than I already am).

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I have no idea how this happens. I mean if someone stole all the trucks in the world, maybe I could see it but there are lots of trucks out there. I told her I don’t care if you bring an ice cream truck here, I want my shit loaded tomorrow. They are seeing what they can do about it. I should have an update this (Wednesday) morning. My relocation company emailed me last night to say they have been working all day with this moving company to get this resolved. Wait, all day? AND I WAS JUST TOLD ABOUT IT AT 5 pm. UNACCEPTABLE.

I am done. Peace out. I am so done with people I know why people go off the grid to get away from the people who represent humanity. I can’t even make this shit up can I?

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As a few people have told me (sorry not sorry to venting to a few of you via e-mail/text) what if we were closing on this house (i.e. selling it) on Thursday? Like had to be out of here. How does this even happen. THE MOVING PART should not be the most stressful part of your move. The closing and buying of a new house should be!! And I totally lost my brain yesterday and forgot Ollie had a vet appt last night (It was at 730 and at 815 as I was loading MORE shit in my trailer I remembered it. Not good. I ran inside and left a rambling incoherent message on their answering machine because they were closed). If I don’t end up in a mental health ward, it won’t be for lack of trying. As I told Emily  while venting…..I don’t need high-drama blog content this badly, give me a good old dull week for once. Stay tuned for the next installment of batshit crazy week. And is it too early to drink (said at 7:00 am)?

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Truly might need some Valium or something!



32 thoughts on “There Are No Words For How Messed Up This Move Has Been!

    1. thanks Sarah (Kidding about the bail) but thanks for being there….I am still alternating between wanting to vomit and wanting to cry this am. And I woke up with the worse headache in the night but it went away (Thank goodness).


  1. Omg I would be livid. That is so freakin unnecessary – esp considering why on earth they couldn’t have communicated more clearly with you when they first realized they were up shits creek with no paddle. Ugh. Yea. Ppl suck. I’m sorry 😦

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  2. Ah man. That is awful. I could tell you some really horrible moving stories. When we moved from OH to WI the first moving company just never showed. Wouldn’t return calls. Never answered. We had the horses lined up to move the very next day and had to be on the other side to meet them. Oh and it was memorial weekend. Good luck finding another company. We did tho. They came with a half filled truck with some other suckers stuff. They realized they couldn’t fit ours too so they took this other persons stuff to a storage container and dropped it then came back and loaded ours. Poor people. Who knows when they get theirs. It was awful.

    Deep breaths. A lot of alcohol. Some chocolate. It will be over eventually and you will be relaxing in your new farm with Remus outside.

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  3. Ugh I’m so so sorry! Moving is stressful as it is, no need for the supposed professionals to add to the stress! I was just complaining about the sucky excuse for customer service that seems to exist in the world right now due to a stupid pool company and their horrible lack of communication. I don’t understand how these shoddy standards came to be?! Maybe because I work at a customer service oriented company but I can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s ok. I hope everything gets sorted out for you! And no, 7AM isn’t too early – that’s why mimosas and bloody Mary’s were invented 😉

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  4. Uhhh, that’s insane that the moving company is pulling that at the last second. I’m sorry ::hugs::

    I’ll bail ya out of jail if you need it.

    That gif from House is everything 🙂

    And it’s never too early (or late) to drink. Just sayin’.

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  5. Oh damn that’s horrid. I will come to DE with my truck and we shall get a trailer and load things and then I’ll punch the movers for you. How’s that? lol Of course tho they waited until 5 pm so that you couldn’t make other calls and arrange another moving company to get your stuff. Assholes. The only bright side perhaps is that the buying of TN house was easy…?

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  6. Crap! That is fecked up. I’m already at the booze-for-breakfast stage and we don’t move for another week. It could always be worse but its just gotta get better right?!!! Best of luck with all of it!

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  7. Oh my lord, how do people even stay in business when they act like that! 😦 Hopefully everything will get worked out for you, but don’t feel alone as I would definitely have lost my shit as well. There is no need for such incompetency!

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  8. moving is so


    its so great

    sara always jokes that when we moved she thought iw as going to leave her and all my possessions and she’s joking but it was a very near miss (i mean, i’d take her with me but def leave all my possessions).

    i’m committed to my current place until i make enough money for someone to do the packing for me. which will probably be forever and a day.

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  9. Moving is costing you that much money?! Jessssusssss, makes me never want to move just for that reason!

    I realllllly hope they get this figured out and fixed! Well it is wednesday morning already, so I am hoping it is FIXED!

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      1. That is still such a huge cost – to whoever pays. I think I would die if I got a bill like that.
        U-haul might have to be the way to go for sure.
        I’ve been luck that the furthest I have moved from home was 5 hours and my parents have a utility trailer so they moved the stuff I did actually bring down.


  10. UGH! This is insane! Like actual bat-shit crazy stuff right here. Fortunately, I’ve only used movers to move once and it went smoothly. But I didn’t go through a relocation company or anything, just hired someone that was recommended to me. You’d think having a relocation company would makes things EASIER! But I guess not. So sorry you’re dealing with this unnecessary BS. I hope things get worked out asap.

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    1. bat shit crazy doesnt even begin to cover it and NO I dont have a truck here and i still dont know if they are coming tomorow yet. I did have their QUALITY DIRECTOR CALL ME EARLIER telling me they are doing everything they can….SIGH. OKAY JUST GET ME A DAMN TRUCK THANKS


  11. Movers are one of the most negatively reviewed professionals out there. And I don’t mean on just on Yelp. They get more BBB complaints than anything else. I’ve managed a few moves for companies I’ve worked for and my general assumption is always that everything WILL go wrong, they will try to f*ck me over at every opportunity, and that I will hate everyone at the end of the day(s). Good luck!

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  12. I don’t even know what to say…awful, awful movers! I had a terrible experience paying to have a horse hauled professionally – they didn’t show and didn’t return calls on the day. They finally randomly showed up days later and acted all pissy and surprised that the horse was already moved and at her new destination. Because I guess it’s easier to hook up the trailer and drive to my old boarding stable (which was hours from anywhere, lol) week later and cause a scene, than to simply keep a schedule and pick up the phone.

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  13. Oh… Oh wow… I do not have words for how furious I would be if someone tried to fuck me over like that. There is no way that is acceptable in anyone’s mind. I would be demanding higher-ups, demanding compensation etc. I’m perfectly happy to work with you and deal with things outside of our control but you promised me X and I paid for X. You are not giving me X and you think its just okay to say sorry. I’d become THAT customer at that point.

    Hang in there and remember to breathe!

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