What We’ve Got Here….Is a Big Failure!

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If you have never watched Cool Hand Luke, watch it!

This might be a record, four blog posts four days in a row. Meanwhile as of Weds afternoon at 1:23 pm when I began writing this sucker I STILL DON’T HAVE AN UPDATE ON IF OR WHEN A TRUCK IS ARRIVING AT MY HOUSE. Pardon the caps but I am steamed. This lack of communication boggles my mind.

Their Quality Director called me earlier Wednesday and said they were sorry blah blah blah…and they were doing everything in their power. I keep asking this one question and NO ONE has told me the answer. SINCE YOU BOOKED MY MOVE for 12th and 13th, how did this happen? Because unless ALIENS hijacked your truck and movers, there is not much I am going to forgive!

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I am the one on the right about now!

I moved the cleaners to Friday am. I am waiting to see if they have a truck here for today (Thursday) before I move the carpet people. Meanwhile I am probably not going to be able to leave till Saturday now if then. I am ready to HULK OUT!

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I also keep asking my relo company if we need to find a different truck. NO ONE IS ANSWERING ME.  I have other things to write re blog content but can’t write anything positive right now. I can see why people snap and do silly (or horrible) things. If they are treated like this I can totally understand.

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Update as of Wednesday night: I am pretty sure the movers we signed with subcontracted out with a different company to make this happen BUT the packers should arrive between 8-10 on Thursday am they are still working on the truck but they are sending via FedEx paperwork for the driver that will be delivered early Thursday morning. That has to be a good sign, right? Fingers crossed this part of the move is better than the first part. Course fool me once….

In other news, the trailer she is getting full! It may not look like much but I have loaded everything in there by myself. When I go to sleep at night my arms and legs are twitching from tiredness and muscle fatigue! It is actually much fuller than this photo now shows since this was taken two days ago! LOL You can’t see it probably but there are two tvs, two saddles, two aquariums and a guitar in this shot alone! 🙂

Have horse trailer, will travel!

Not sure when I will leave yet but I am hoping to get one more blog tomorrow with an update on this move AND to show you what a few of my friends gave me for going away presents! Hope you have a less stressful day than I will today. Dogs are off to daycare soon, cat is going to be mad but think I am putting him in the crate in the shed and leaving the door open so he can watch nature while in there. SHEESH what a week!

Ollie is not too sure about this moving business
But he is pretty sure this trailer is his! (see how empty it was LOL) No more!

21 thoughts on “What We’ve Got Here….Is a Big Failure!

  1. just keep raising hell… my movers showed up 4 hours late and damaged half my furniture and i got the move for free

    i mean, the aggravation lives on a year later but it didnt cost me any MONEY for the ‘pleasure’

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  2. I agree with Megan. Make a big stink. I did because TSA went through my bag, took out my laptop to check it out, AND THEN PROCEEDED TO NOT PUT IT BACK IN THE CASE and left it on THE TOP of my suitcase for the screen to crack. If you couldn’t tell, I’m still upset about it. Had to buy a whole new computer and finally a year later they pay me back UGH. Hopefully, this all works out and you can move tomorrow. Also letters and reviews are pretty powerful. Write a scathing review and/or send a letter to the manager of the company and let them know how terrible they are lol. I’m crossing my fingers for you tho!

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  3. reading this thursday morning at 10:30am and for you sake i FREAKING HOPE THAT TRUCK SHOWED UP!!!! omg. wth. i’m so so so sorry, and simultaneously so angry on your behalf. how things like this happen just boggles my mind…. like. aren’t these companies supposed to be the logistics experts??? how do they get stuck in a bind like this??? ugh blargh. my fingers are crossed for you that they show up and get the job done quickly and well from here out!

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    1. two trucks are here LOL…lots of activity. Cat is sitting his crate under the shade tree wondering what the eff is going on. Dogs are at daycare. it is all happening. 🙂 thanks for the thoughts. OMG yes i do logistics and this has blown my brain!


      1. well thank the f*ing lord! sheesh, it can’t just ever be easy, can it??? hope you guys have a smooth day getting it all packed up in time for the carpet and cleaner folks!

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  4. Reading the comments, I see that you have two trucks. Freaking finally! This is so not hard people. You have X trucks, X drivers and X time slots. DONT OVERBOOK! DO NOT PRIORITIZE ONE CUSTOMER OVER ANOTHER! IT’S FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

    Also, I hope they are giving you a discount because this shit still isn’t acceptable even if they FINALLY got a truck arranged for you.

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  5. I would totally be LOSING MY SHIT. I’d also be on Google and Yelp and BBB and be writing complaints LEFT AND RIGHT! Seriously… how you haven’t strangled someone is beyond me! Fingers crossed for a better day today!

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