That’s A Wrap: House is Empty!

Image result for wrap it up gifAs I started to write this I could hear a lot of activity going around me from the packers. These guys meant business!! I was typing on my laptop on the desk that soon was yanked from under me to put on the dang biggest tractor trailer I have ever seen. We are only filling like a 1/4 of it LOL. They got at my house around 830 and they were gone by 320. Pretty good.

I tipped all four of the guys lavishly and they were so funny they were saying they wished they were coming to deliver the stuff to us (another group of guys will do that). We laughed a lot and these guys got the job done FAST! Whew.

Related image
Me when I couldn’t find my backpack (Drama much)?

Though there was a couple of panic attacks. One was I managed to pack my computer dock and charger for my work laptop and it got loaded in the truck. Oops! I still have the laptop and the monitors but they wont be much good without the dock or charger. I have two other computers I can access the cloud on till my truck comes to deliver! HA. AND the best one where I gave Kyle the guy on the truck the biggest heart attack? I thought that they had packed my backpack with check books etc. And he had just wrapped it all up and placed the boards in to hold it in place. HA HA HA (Poor guy almost passed out on me). Never fear my feeble brain had put in the closet with all the stuff I needed to keep and a big LEAVE sign on the door. Sometimes my brain works without my input. Who knew? Otherwise it went smoothly.

Not a happy cat but he lived:)

Anyway, my dear gym friend, Debbie gave me this on Wednesday when we met for coffee. How sweet is this?? It will look great in the barn.


Then my lovely lovely barn friends from Prevailing Winds got me this. This is so special and I will do a blog post even more in depth about it but for now take a look!


How freaking sweet is this? I swear I am going to miss everyone up here so much and I am just glad in these days of texting/Instagram/Facebook/email I can still bug everyone just as much down in Tennessee as I did up here in Delaware.

Image result for beverly hillbillies gif

My heart is very full from all the love everyone has shown me with this move. Peace out all. See you (online) in Tennessee!! The cleaners come this am (Friday) and then me and the two dogs and one cat and 2 snails are heading South pulling a horse trailer loaded with all sorts of crap! Beverly Hillbillies GOT nothing on us! 🙂

Thanks for keeping me sane this week all! And note: five blog entries in a week. Gotta be an award for me somewhere for that. 🙂 Wish Mark luck today the closing is at 9 am CST and then he has to run up to the water and electric company (yes in person) to get those switched. He did the walk through last night and said it was even better than the first time he saw the property. The owners came through. Clean house, clean barn, mowed pasture!

Image result for peace out gif
CST time here we come!

16 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap: House is Empty!

  1. Tell me when the house officially closes and you can have my house closing story. And not a minute earlier. Seriously. You’ll see why after you read it!!!

    I’ll miss having someone nearby to rescue me from airports and work! But I’m sure I’ll still be emailing/texting… Who is going to tell me how awful UD traffic is before I get there? Lol. It’s all about ME!

    Oh you can drop Ollie off before you leave, ok? Thanks!

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  2. Thank goodness! Sheesh. I’m glad the actual packing and loading went pretty smoothly after such a fiasco!
    Safe travels, and can’t wait to read your posts from the flip side!


  3. aw on one hand i feel like poppin’ bottles for you to have finally gotten everything wrapped up and ready to go. but on the other hand, i’m just so sorry to see you going 😦 it’s been so cool these past couple years getting to hang out with you at various horse shows and whatnot, and i only wish we could have done more. i’ll be thinking about you at fair hill in a couple weeks. be safe in your move and i hope things settle in well and that you LOVE memphis! definitely lmk when you’re back in the area too !!!


  4. Good movers are key- glad you got good ones!
    Such a bittersweet and exciting time for you. I’m excited to see your new place and how everyone settles in!
    That book is the sweetest thing ever. What lovely barn mates.


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