You Can’t Drive 55: Driving to TN

Couldn’t get that excited since I essentially still had the whole state to cover !

I am here. FINALLY. I didn’t leave till almost 2 pm on Friday due to getting all the stuff packed, the cleaners in, etc. Whew. So leaving around 2 on a Friday in the Northeast Corridor means, yes you guessed it, TRAFFIC. I ended up going around Baltimore toward Frederick to 81 and went 81 the rest of the way until after TN. But omg it took forever and a day. Because A) VA is a huge ass state B) Those mountains are very huge and the grades going up and down them are intense C) Dogs have to stop and pee A LOT.

Is his expression not Zen in this photo? LOL he was so good!

The damn cat, the one I was stressing about the most? Was the best one (besides the snails) that was on the trip. Peeves was very stressed at first (it was hot, the sun was hot and he just wasn’t sure). I had him in a wire crate in the front with me (don’t worry people the air bags were off!). This worked out well on Friday due to his stress level as long as I was petting him he was fine. He meowed some but pretty much was settled by the time we stopped for the night. I had to take forty five trips to unload stuff (litter box, dog/cat food, my luggage, dog dishes, cat dishes, snails you name it) to get into the motel room but it was a nice clean room at a Ramada that actually had the doors to the outside at each room (my preferred stop with animals with me, easy access to get them out for  potty break). We ended up stopping in Harrisonburg which is not that far but since it took me almost 3 hours to get from north of Baltimore to Frederick (I am not kidding the traffic was HORRIBLE) I was ready to stop.

We all settled in and the motel was loud (walls were thin and people are loud) but the dogs were tired enough to pass out with me and the room had a window in it so Peeves did some people watching for awhile and I woke up once to see him spread out on the other bed in the room (The dogs were in bed with me of course). So that first day was exhausting but okay.

Image result for wake up gif

I woke up at 430 am (yes that early) due to people staying at the motel leaving for work that early (There were a lot of construction workers staying there) I got up and took dogs out and came back and passed out again. But was up showering at 6 and started LOADING the truck and trailer again. UGH.  But we were on the road by 7. Little did I know 13 hours later I would still be driving but by that time I was determined to get there, I just could not think about unloading into another hotel/motel. I also got sore as shit driving, my right hip was killing me due to the everlasting mountains i could not use cruise. My left knee locked up. I ached all over. With the truck pulling a trailer up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains, that is not fun for someone alone. Me and the 18 wheeler’s dutifully used the far right lane out in place for ‘slower vehicles’ for that reason to get away from the speedsters.

Image result for fallinG ASLEEP DRIVING GIF

Because if it is 70 mph on an interstate, that means 90 plus for most people. Whew. I could not keep up. We were lucky to keep it to 60 mph in that mountain range. So it took me a lot longer than it should have. From starting out later on Friday to the terrain on Sat….IT WAS OVER 700 MILES (I just calculated it and was like WTF I AM nuts)!

This was kind of cool seeing on Saturday am as I pumped gas in Harrisonburg!

That Saturday is a blur in my mind now. Like I have never ever been so tired but had to get there so kept on trucking! From Nashville to Millington (right before Memphis) it was desolate and I had no cell signal. AND needed gas. (Luckily I found a gas station but they did not have many on that stretch).  Speaking of gas I could have bought a Cambox or something else nice for the amount I spent on my thirsty truck. (Note to self, mountains, Honda Ridgeline, pulling trailer = not conducive for good gas mileage HA).

At one gas station after I got to TN I literally got blocked in after getting gas by a Penske truck and various other work vehicles, family vans you name it! So I may have done an Austin Power rendition of getting out of that parking lot. I sure wish I had video but think it might have been like this!

Image result for sucking gas gif
a few choice cuss words were used

And Ollie ended up yakking up a rawhide bone about an hour from our destination (he decided to eat the whole thing then rather than chewing on it the whole freaking journey). SO  I am on the side of I40 cleaning up smelly ass dog puke with rawhide chunks in it. Living the life am I not?? LOL

Image result for living the life gif
Yeah Snoop is living the life, me not so much! LOL

But finally finally finally I arrived in Millington to see my husband pacing in a Walmart parking lot, waiting to lead me to the new house. I think he may have been a bit nervous poor thing. Remember I had not seen the place yet in person. HA poor guy.

We headed toward the new place and guys, yes it is remote. YES it is way out there. But it is gorgeous. Is it perfect? Nope, it needs more lights and some paint but the barn might be perfect.  But I do love the layout of the house, I love the apartment and I love the privacy but it is not so private that you feel isolated. It is very nice. And that is all you get until I rest more and write a new blog  post. LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT THOUGH! WHEW.

Image result for looks like i made it gif
Okay it is too hot in TN to run like this SO HOT!

More about the house and land etc. later. Right now I am catching up on email and work. I am in Mark’s rental apt which is about 45 minutes from the new property so it is a haul to get there. Peeves is living it up with a penthouse view in the garage apt. He was so good on the trip I felt like moving him to the rental then back home would be way too stressful. He may be a bit lonely when we aren’t there but less stress means less sick kitty! The dogs are fine and happy wherever we go. They are being really good at the new place and even at the rental. I still feel like I could sleep a week. SO TIRED. More to come! But baby it is hot here. UGH

Image result for so tired gif

20 thoughts on “You Can’t Drive 55: Driving to TN

  1. Yay!!! So glad you made it safely. What a journey!!! I bet hubs was relieved you liked the new place. Kinda screwed if you didn’t at that point HA!! Rest, relax and enjoy the down time until your moving truck arrives

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  2. I’ve moved across the country at least 4 times so OMG I feel your pain! Motels are the WORST. Its like everyone forgets they’re sharing a space with other people and instead it’s so loud and if you get 4 hours of sleep you’re psyched. Glad your first impression of the place was good! YAY! Can’t wait for pictures!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. WHEW! I remember the feeling of driving to KY. We did it in one shot, left in the dark and arrived in the dark, and I was non functional for several days. I couldn’t even remember the last 6 hours of the trip. Glad you all made it and can’t wait to see more pics of the house.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. WOOOO!!! YOU MADE IT!!! Congrats! It’s so flipping stressful traveling with trailer and animals for long distance. I’m actually pretty glad you didn’t take Remus with you as well cause omg that would have been worse. I can’t wait to see your opinions of the house now that you’ve seen it.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Phew. Epic journey! So glad you all made it safe and sound. I hope we get a full photo tour of the barn and the paddock, and I guess the house and stuff too…
    I’m glad it’s met your expectations! I bet hubs breathed a big sigh of relief too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i think it would not be so bad to drive back to VA or DE with just my truck (or a rental) and no trailer. AND OMG thank goodness i did not bring Remus i would have never gotten up those damn mountains 🙂 HA thanks!

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  6. Woohoo! So glad you made it safely and so glad that you do like the new house! I bet you will adore that barn once Weemus gets there. And it sucks because you’ll only be able to catch up on your tired once all your stuff is there, everything is moved in, which is like….weeks probably. Try to get sleep tho!!

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