Love the New Place: Will Love It More When It is Furnished!

Apartment living…..

Not a lot to post today. Waiting for weekend to get some photos of the place, our furniture is not here yet, we are still living at the apt 45 minutes away from this new place so its a crazy time here still.

Ollie not too worried…

The good news the dogs and cat are doing fine. The bad news is we don’t know when we will get our furniture and belongings delivered. Sigh.

Yesterday I sat in said new house all day long waiting the cable company (a 8-12 window does not mean showing up at quarter of three thanks!). I have NO CELL service at the new house (Thanks AT&T) and I found one bar, while the phone was lying on the breakfast bar in the kitchen, so I could kind of check email, text etc though it was touch and go a few times where it would just go to no service. So that was real fun.

Ollie enjoying his first Puppachino…LOL

And now I am stressing over how the movers will GET to our house to deliver our stuff. UGH. Our street dead ends after our houses past a few houses. Our driveway is windy and lovely but there is no real place for a tractor trailer to turn around. I know these guys work miracles but YIKES. We don’t have a date yet but I am really stressing.

IMG_5123 (1)
Our drive into the property…..
So pretty though right?

The barn (and house) needs some sprucing up. The foliage is overgrown around the house. The fence on the far side (right side as you pull in) is barbed wire in the woods and needs to be checked and then decide what to do. The paddock behind the barn is barbed wire and really want to replace that with something safer. The barn (and garage apt) has a zillion wasp nests (I wanted Sarah to come help she said no? WONDER WHY LOL) that need dealing with. The ceiling fan on that deck alone has a bunch of wasps that live in there. HMMM dont make ceiling fans shaped like wasp nests maybe?? I have a pest service coming out on Friday. But the barn needs a good power washing and it will be good. The ceiling fans in the ceiling keeps it pretty damn cool. I love the aisle. I love the stalls (Once they are cleaned up). So I am excited. But also overwhelmed. One day at a time right??

IMG_5146IMG_5144 (1)

I need to get Remus booked for his ride down here and a million other things but I am not upset we got the place! In DE news we have had one showing on our house which went on the market yesterday and six scheduled today. THINGS are happening!!

The kids love the builtins in the kitchen!! The previous tenant had interesting color palate choices..ahem…yes that is mustard yellow! UGH

I am attempting to keep up with all your blogs. Crazy times are upon us! πŸ™‚ I need to find a feed store, find a hay supply etc. etc.

Image result for crazy gif
Me most days lately

17 thoughts on “Love the New Place: Will Love It More When It is Furnished!

  1. Keep your wasps to yourself crazy 😜 ! But feel free to send your pest people to me, k, thanks! Love the barn, want to send that to me? I’ll send you the crazy pole barn people with their β€œby $5000 we mean $10000” for a freaking enclosed run in…


  2. That barn is absolutely lovely. To die for! I’m sure Remus will love it. EW WASPS. Nope. I’d be having someone else take care of that too. It all looks really promising, but one day at a time! You’ll eventually get it all done but unfortunately these things are not fast haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ooooh the property is super cute tho!! tho yea i’d be flipping out without connectivity haha. at least things are happening, even if it feels like it’s taking a million years right now!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love it already! I’m sure it’s super overwhelming but you’ll have plenty of time to work on it! lol
    The dogs are so freaking adorable. I’m glad the move does not seem to be stressing any of the pets out


  5. Can you believe Remus has his own house now?! So exciting!!!! Can’t wait for more photos!
    As for the movers, they’re usually quite good at backing up. Or is there anyway they could pull into the paddock to turn around?

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    1. Looks like they are going to shuttle the stuff (i.e. put on a smaller truck) WHICH i pointed out to the relo people weeks ago we didn’t need a big ass tractor trailer. NO ONE listens to me πŸ˜‰ HA!


  6. Uggg AT&T is for shit here too!!!! I really think it’s only decent if you live in the city (plus I hate them in general bc they were assholes when I tried to cancel my house internet when I moved, so only slightly bitter towards them πŸ˜‚)

    But your property looks so lovely!!!! Ahhh that barn!!!!! Seriously cool place you found πŸ™‚ Good luck with the movers and hope it all goes smoothly!!!!

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    1. Not sure what to put in the barn yet. We do have a skink (lizard type thing) that lives there now, he probably has one stall πŸ™‚ HA My realtor has a pony she wants us to take. The next door neighbor doesnt have his horses out next door anymore> I need to intro myself to him. The cool thing is there are so many horse people around. Around the corner is this small place but they have five or six NICE looking QH and Paints. And then around that corner is a place with some draft horses and another with appys and palominos. So it is def a horsey area!


    2. PS Ollie is spoiled ROTTEN and the barn is only 3 stalls though it is HUGE there are two big rooms (ie tack rooms with barn doors) and a big aisle then a feed stall that is open and open space on the other side of the barn. it is crazy how big it is!


  7. No idea how you can do ALL of that and even think about keeping up with blogs HAHA! I was basically off the map last week while at the show and am just not catching up. The property certainly does look lovely!!! Can’t wait to follow your journey as you tackle each project!

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    1. ha Mark said the same thing to me about how I was keeping up blogging and i was like if i dont I might go mad(venting)!! πŸ™‚ ha ha ha Now if I can just get REMUS down here.


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