Our Stuff Arrives Saturday!!

Image result for truckin grateful dead gifWoohooo, the truck comes on Saturday. They listened to me and offloaded our stuff into a smaller truck. Thank goodness as I had nightmares of my whole,new to me fence going down like a bunch of dominoes when an 18 wheeler hits it LOL!

Image result for dominos falling gif
I may have giggled a bit too hard at this ๐Ÿ™‚

But anyway, our things get back to us and set up in the new home on SATURDAY! Mark leaves on a business trip next Wednesday so I am glad it is coming this weekend rather than next week when I am on my own!

Image result for bye bye by gif

Of course I started panicking about where to put everything. We have plenty of room for it all but it is still a bit odd how we kind of have two living rooms. We literally have two couches and that is it so we will need to go shopping for living room furniture for sure! And some other stuff.Image result for shopping gotta gif

But things are moving in line which is great. Our property in DE has had 11 showings I think since Tuesday. One offer so far. We need to respond to that offer by 5 on Friday so I hope we get at least one other offer. Lots of looksies, not a lot of offers. I think there areย  a lot of people who just want to see the cute little Cape Cod but not live in it. HA

Image result for buying a house gif
The people who come to see our tiny cape cod…sigh LOL

Once we get moved into the new house and living there we can start figuring out how to do everything outside. I found a snake skin by the hose on the side of the house and I may have shrieked like a little girl. Maybe. Maybe not (no one was there to hear).

Image result for fear gif
always whether it is jumping jumps OR seeing snake skins (or actual snakes) SHUDDERย 

I reached out to the transport company for Remus two days ago and have heard nothing so far….so I guess I will go to the next in line. His shots and health certificate was done Monday of this past week so the clock is ticking.ย  Today I have the pest guy coming out to start the eradication of the ant army living outside our house as well as the wasp warriors living in the barn and in the fan upstairs at the apartment. Wish us luck!

Related image
Remus may have to hitchhike!

Hope all of you have a lot of fun horsey stuff this weekend planned. Happy Friday!

16 thoughts on “Our Stuff Arrives Saturday!!

  1. Your next wasp nest should be arriving soon. Look for it in the mail, ok? I shipped it out via FedEx after you laughed at me and my troubles getting electrocuted. Just saying.

    And I can keep Remus if your transport falls through. Maybe I’ll ride him since I may never ride again otherwise… haha! He’ll look nice in the new purple fly bonnet!

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  2. Yay! So glad your stuff will get to you on the weekend. Hopefully they’ll be done unpacking it all in just a few hours and you guys can get down to business (I really feel like channeling Mulan here lol) and get a lot sorted :). I am…..VERY glad I live nowhere near you and the ant piles/wasp nests. Ick. Then again the house where the horses are now was not lived in for a year so we had to deal with scorpions and I found a spider crawling on my arm one morning as I woke up…..Ah, so maybe mine wasn’t much better haha! And that dominos bed GIF? So hysterical hahaha!

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  3. Hooray for stuff! Good luck with 2 living rooms. When we bought our house, it had a family room and formal living room. We (Husband, to be exact) tore up the carpet put a comfy chair, electric fireplace, and a bunch of bookshelves in there and, voila! Library.

    Fingers crossed your house sells soon!

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  4. Remus is gonna be so mad if he has to trot alongside some car for 800 miles, just saying. That takes way too much effort. He’s not one of those Thoroughbreds you know.

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