Forget Two Tickets to Paradise: How About One Ticket For The Fat Buckskin?

Image result for ride gifCustomer service is not what it used to be. As you have all followed along in my saga on the move, we realize not everyone takes pride in their work anymore. And hence my vent today on horse transport companies. Because Remus still doesn’t have a ride down here yet.

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Customer service LOL lately

My thoughts

  1. If your web form says you will answer within 24 hours I except some kind of answer within a week.
  2. How can you say no? DO you have that much business that you can’t even quote me a cost? Must be nice to be that affluent (at least 3 WELL KNOWN TRANSPORT companies have done that to me in the last few weeks??). Okay I just should be happy they responded.
  3. Because I have at least 4 that have NOT responded. At all.
  4. I have had a few respond then drop off the face of the earth when I go to see about booking.
  5. I had no idea it was going to be this hard to bring Remus down here. I should have brought him with me (Not really)!
  6. I signed up for Uship and got some quotes through them but am a bit worried going that route.

One person I discussed shipping with doesn’t come down this far (thanks, I can understand that) and first off told me he didn’t know me from Adam and how did he know I would pay? Excuse me? Is this how you treat customers? Assuming I won’t pay and am not ethical? I swear what the eff is this world coming to? And yes I am far down South but it is not like I am asking you to haul him to Mexico or somewhere?

Our pond has its very own goose. I feel bad he is by himself though 😦

So Remus is still in PA and I am down here, contacting everyone and anyone I know (I reached out to Sally yesterday just to see if she knew of anyone). Because this is insane. I have even offered to come to KY to pick him up if need be. WORK WITH ME PEOPLE.

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Someone, anyone?

Thanks Sarah for getting some names for me as well yesterday I will reach out to the one later today. All of you have responded before so feel free to again. Somewhere out there has to be a ride for the fat buckskin!

LOL worried is she not?
IMG_5223 (1)
What you talking about Ollie says 🙂

In other news, Ollie and Gretchen continue to settle in and help unpack (Not)…lol DOGS! Hard life they both have….

27 thoughts on “Forget Two Tickets to Paradise: How About One Ticket For The Fat Buckskin?

  1. That’s insane. I looked on FB and there’s a company in PA called Z.A. Keith Horse Transport that has a route from PA to KY. The number is 412-287-7042.

    I had a super hard time getting P up here from FL when I bought him. 2 professionals cancelled on me the day they were supposed to pick him up, and he finally ended up hitching a ride with a friend of the seller’s 🤨 Not sure why unprofessionalism abounds in that industry.

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  2. Um woooowww…… Yeah that’s not customer service, people. I mean, really. Ugh I’m sorry this is such a hectic experience. I’ll see if I can ask my mom about who we had Whisper shipped from TN to NV. Hopefully it’s someone you haven’t tried to contact yet!

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  3. I’ve looked through uship, i think it’s as good of odds as any if you check references.

    I’m sorry this is a nightmare. I mean I’m waiting 2 weeks for my guys I think that might just be… the disaster of horse shipping :/

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  4. Horse shipping is just terrible. I got lucky as I was basically only asking for a ride between two major racetrack areas (Outside of NY to Lou). It’ just amazing how little they care about customer service. No advice, just sympathy.

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      1. I can’t imagine there isn’t someone going to at least St. Louis… which has a lot of Hunter/Jumper riders and is only like 4 hours from Memphis…

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  5. Frustrating!!! It is hard when you aren’t on a normal route (like Aiken or FL). I remember trying to get our two shipped from OH to WI way back when and it was impossible. Every company told me they had to already have a trip booked before I could be added on. But then…how did the trip ever get booked since nobody was allowed to be the first?? Any chance Sally would be willing to bring him for you? I wish I was closer. I love road trips! Actually…if push comes to shove you might be able to get a ride fairly easily from PA down to me and I’ll bring him up to you.

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  6. There are some big AQHA shows this summer and they tend to haul all over – it might be worth popping on the PA or TN AQHA pages and posting to see if anyone has a trailer spot. I’ll post around my contacts and see if anyone is headed that way. So frustrating though.

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  7. I know folks up here in the Northeast who use MJ Redding and really like the company, but I have no idea if PA to TN is their area. Boy, the transportation aspect of this relocation has been a real PITA! 😦

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  8. blargh what a mess. i hate what so much of customer service has come to. it seems like unless you are actually out there putting companies on blast on facebook or twitter, nobody really feels the need to reply or act appropriately. good luck, i wish i could help 😦

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  9. You have absolutely convinced me to never move cross country. I had no idea it was so difficult to find decent help these days. It’s not like those shipping services are cheap!! Ick. Keep up updated on who finally comes through!!


  10. I used Morrisy shipping to get Romey to Kentucky. Not sure if you’ve tried them yet, but they were fantastic. They do a lot of race horses, so they’re probably heading through this northeast corridor pretty regularly. Here’s contact info if you haven’t tried them yet:
    Morrisy Shipping. 845-855-5026

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  11. Try Nick Alsagar, tell him I sent you. I’m just outside of Louisville and he’s hauled several to me over the years – weanlings to stallions, even as far as picking up a mare in way upstate New York. I know I’m a lurker but hopefully this can help! He’s a good horseman and while his rig is not super fancy, everyone has arrived in excellent condition. And he’s reliable. 270-469-6164


  12. I’ve used Jimmy Parlier Horse Transport to move my mare twice and have been more than happy with him! First move was from Texas to Kansas and the second was from Kansas to Washington State. He’s always had the best rate I’ve been able to find too. I’ve never had trouble getting ahold of him, if he doesn’t answer he calls back if I leave a message. And I’m a worry wart so I was calling at least once a day….

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  13. SUPER frustrating. I totally get what you mean- its like we have to beg people to take our money! I guess people can pick and choose what work they want to take? That must be really nice


  14. Dang! How frustrating!!! There’s a guy here that transport horses so it might be worth giving him a call? His name is Steve Loheac and I feel like I’ve heard good things about him. No personal experience but it’s worth a shot! I just googled Steve Loheac horse transportation and a number popped up to call! Good luck!!!!

    steven loheac horse transportation

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