Gone Country: First Night

Image result for spooky new house gifThis post is mostly just my brain rambling (so sorry) as I spent my first night last night at the new place, by myself (well with two dogs) since Mark is traveling this week. I must admit I locked all the doors and left a hall light on. It is spooky walking around a dark house you still aren’t familiar with! (Remember I only saw it for the first time 2 weeks ago on Sunday)

Related image
me looking for the dogs in this house sometimes LOL

Before I went to bed, I took the dogs out and let me tell you something. It is peaceful here but loud outside at 11 pm at night. It was like a jungle out there. I was a tiny bit freaked out without the dogs on their leashes but they are being very good about listening to me (we have a dog fence area by the garage but I was being lazy).

Image result for welcome to the jungle gif
I have to record the noise outside. SO LOUD (maybe not this loud) HA

So off to bed I want and didn’t think I would sleep at all but it was good. Ollie was a bit restless, Gretchen slept like a log. I slept off and on. Then woke up with a pounding headache but took the dogs out, laid back down and at about 7 felt more human so got some coffee and am okay now. Whew. I took today off just to get some shit done here. I am determined to get the kitchen set up at least today and work my way east. SO many boxes.

see that light fixture. that will be a ceiling fan soon. No need for that dim ass light up there, I want some air moving! HA

But I took the dogs out again once I fed them and took my cup of coffee with me and just stood outside and looked at the pond and listened to the birds and omg it is peaceful here. Last night there were a lot of flyovers (I am not sure if we are in the flight path to Memphis or if they have planes at the base nearby). But otherwise it is pretty damn quiet around here. There are frogs/toads everywhere. I try to shoo them away before Ollie sees them. That might not end well!

download (1)
This is what I have framed on my wall, love it. It represents me SO well.

There are so many birds that are just now showing up to my feeder. I have seen bluebirds which we didn’t really have up in DE so many of them. Since friends of mine call me the angry bluebird (I actually have the photo of an angry bluebird up on my office wall here, it was one of the first things I hung up, thanks Tori  for giving it to me so many years ago(lovely friend of mine who lives in Maine, see you at conference in a few weeks!). I saw some sort of orange bird yesterday. Like seriously it looks like an angry bird so maybe angry birds here aren’t just blue! HA! I hear woodpeckers in the wood and hope they venture out once they see I put food out for them too.

Image result for angry bird
Immediately what I thought of when I saw the red/orange bird flying to my feeder.

I see the fences in the woods as I explore further do need some mending. The trees need cutting back or Remus won’t get in the front field. The barn still needs cleaning and freshening but it has been so hot here I haven’t even thought about doing it. But all of that fades to just a minor blip in my brain as I stand and watch all the nature going on here. What a peaceful place to live. I am so lucky (and believe you me there are things in the house that need fixing but taking it day by day) to live in this place and so lucky my husband agreed to live in this rural setting.  It might end up driving him crazy in the end. But no one needs eyebrows right?  (sorry Mark well no I am not sorry really LOL)

Image result for pink wall gif

On other news, I have a few tentative horse transports that are at least talking to me (thanks again Stacie!) and am hoping to hear back soon from them. I sent my board check yesterday in the mail so of course NOW people start talking to me about shipping him. HA Murphy’s Law.

Image result for murphys law gif
How I felt with most of the horse transport companies…LOL

I have someone coming to give me a quote on bush hogging the field again (I don’t want to just go buy a tractor I want to research what makes sense for us). I started working in the new place this week full time at home and so far I love it. My two monitors are set up and my internet seems robust enough. I love being able to take a break and take the dogs outside. I love wearing t-shirts and shorts all the time and flip flops and not blow drying my hair. I am looking forward to the fall and winter here too even. It is hot as fire this week here in TN but there seems to always be a breeze blowing and if you can get in the shade it is delightful. So yes I am pretty happy right now. NOW if I can just get some boxes unpacked! Ollie just carries his toys around no help at all!



12 thoughts on “Gone Country: First Night

  1. Sounds really really nice. Here in KY we get a ton of blue-jays and cardinals. I guess that’s why their the UofL mascot. Either way, I love watching them. I even put a loveseat in my kitchen by the bid windows and doors, so I can sit and enjoy nature in my backyard, even if its raining, snowing, or hot and humid.


  2. Blue birds are my favorite! We didn’t have any up north but are loaded with them down here. The bright blue specks always make me smile. Maybe you guys will get some of these storms we have been having. I never cared a bout rain before we had pastures to manage. Nothing sucks worse than feeding hay in the summer!

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  3. Isn’t it lovely listening to all the sounds of the forest? I miss it.
    We at least have a family of robins in our lone tree in the front yard which is nice…but doesn’t drown out the noise of the highway.

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  4. It sounds like my kind of rural spot! I hope all the unpacking and organizing goes well. You are good, because I would probably be organizing the barn before the house hahahahaha! 😉

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    1. I would totally rather be in the barn but it is scorching outside!! So i choose a/c but I will need to start working on barn soon…I had hoped it would cool up last night after the sun went down but nope it was scorching still 🙂 The kitchen is looking better now though why a couple with no kids has a zillion cups, wine glass and coffee cups I DONT KNOW UGH

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  5. Bahahahah the angry bluebird is my FAVORITE!!!

    Sounds so peaceful. Except the millions of boxes. I’ve moved so many times and unpacking is the absolute worst. Just terrible stuff.

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  6. OMG YES! Ceiling fans are a MUST and honestly have no idea why anyone south of the Mason Dixon line would build a house without ceiling fans! Moving air is what keeps you from dying in the summer! I hope you enjoy the lovely sounds of a country summer! Sometimes it can be louder than the constant sounds of cars but oh so much more fun to listen to 🙂

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    1. yes they are in most rooms just not sure why not in the kitchen which is where it is needed the most. The room I am sleeping in right now doenst have one (the only room we set up so far) but i have a floor fan so am fine. We actually had rain and a HUGE storm blow through last nite and it is 70 degrees this am. REFRESHING. I know it wont last 🙂 LOL And yes it is LOUD 🙂


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