Fat Buckskin Intermission: Signing Off For a Week

NImage result for intermission gifNo way in hell will I blog after today. I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Austin for a solid week for work there. I can’t actually remember if I blogged last year during conference (I probably didn’t) but I have gotten pretty steady on my posting here and didn’t want anyone to think A) I was abducted by aliens B) fell on an ant hill or C) Remus trampled me and I couldn’t get back up. All is fine. Just busy.

Image result for gif minion abductionThe conference pretty much consumes me for the week. But the time Thursday rolls around I will be doing about 30,000 steps a day. At night I literally soak my feet, order room service and collapse in bed by then. So I am giving myself an intermission. See you next week all (I get back LATE the 24th so I can actually meet Presto while in Austin (oh and see Amanda and Henry too). SO that is exciting!

But until then my life will be being nice to people all day long (while wanting to scream instead), running around in circles, and just being busy all day long. We work all weekend too. It is an insane time of year. The only good thing is that we are in Austin and that convention center is not as crazily big as Orlando was last year. So less steps? Maybe??

Such a GOOD girl…

Gretchen ended up going to vet on Saturday when Ollie got his boosters and lucky us she has a tooth that is infected and needs to come out. The vet has no idea how she is even eating it is so loose and gross. She gave her an antibiotic shot and then I have scheduled her for a dental today and she will board at the vets a few days. Mark is keeping Ollie (and Remus of course) and will probably go get Gretch Thur or Friday. I hate to try to put her under again but the vet said she has to be in huge pain and she is such a good girl she doesn’t even act like it. Bless her. So fingers crossed that goes okay. Also the vet pretty much thinks she is at least 14 or 15. I am very nervous of her being at the vet but think being there might be better for her a few days after surgery.  And hopefully Ollie will not drive Mark too crazy (we did get a tie out for him and that works wonders so he can be in the barn with me but I don’t have to worry about him sneaking away).

Image result for drinking water in heatgif

Remus is doing good though the heat has been pretty bad. He sweats a lot which I know is a good thing. I finally bought some electrolytes to put in his feed (I am scared to put in his water in case he stops drinking).  Sunday night it started thundering pretty early on and then the wind blew up and Remus was trotting around the field so I put his butt up earlier than normal before going in. I don’t want him going through the fence due to a particularly loud bang or strike nearby. When I went to check on him before bed it was a coolish 78 degrees (Seriously that is a chill factor compared to what it has been LOL) so he was happy munching hay. There was some serious lightning and thunder going on and he wasn’t thrilled but he also was eating so don’t think he was that worried!

Seen right outside my front door this am by our pond….

We got an aisle guard and a stall guard and got that put up this weekend so he has more air flow and I don’t have to worry about him getting out. The fence in the woods of the big field is pretty much shot (fence posts down, barbed wire down, tree on top of one part of fence so I need to find someone to fix that when I get back. So Remus is stuck in the paddock for now. Which is a shame as there is some good grass in the field. But Remus is pretty spoiled about  it all now and whinnies whenever he sees me (I think he thinks he is always at the drive thru).

Related image
Remus ordering every time I come out to check on him…

I have two stalls bedded up so Mark can swap between stalls this week and let the stalls dry out as needed (Remus pees a LOT) ha. Poor Mark deserves a medal this week. Taking care of Ollie AND Remus (and Peeves) and Gretchen when she gets sprung from the vet.

Image result for wash gif cinderella
Mark cleaning the barn all week 🙂

Then there is a good chance I have to go to DE for work in early August so hope to see some locals then. Maybe it will be cooler up here. This weather down here is for the birds. LOL I am sweating to death most days and go through clothes like 3-4 times a day from sweating. Crazy.  Then I just looked at the Austin forecast for the week and realize it is even hotter there. At least I will mostly be indoors in AC conditions.

Image result for ac gif funny
Me most probably in Austin….

Have a great week all. I will try to keep up on reading all the blogs at night. Hopefully I won’t miss too much! See you on the flip side!!

puppy with its ear flapping gif
Stay cool all! (Unless its winter now for you and then stay warm!) 🙂

10 thoughts on “Fat Buckskin Intermission: Signing Off For a Week

  1. Phew, that’s a lot going on! All right after the big move! OYE! Hope all goes smoothly, and have SO MUCH FUN with Presto and Henry (and Amanda too of course).


  2. Ugh. You’re not missing anything, it’s hot as hell & humid back up north too! Glad tying up Ollie worked. Good luck to Mark taking care of all the critters and to you at the conference!


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