Whirlwind Week in Austin: Home Finally, Whew!

The best thing about being stuck in the hot hell that is Austin for a week is that I got to see these two goobers again and meet Presto! YAY!

What a week. I am absolutely drained and feel like I have the worst hangover EVER. News Flash: No alcohol was involved, these particular body aches are from 19k-25k steps a day, working a full week at a conference, then picking up heavy book bags and placing them on 300 plus chairs two times on Monday and packing up all our stuff in our show office.


Also getting up every day for a week at 5 am and being at the show by 6 and leaving most days by 7 pm (Yes that is more than 12 hours for those counting). SO yes. I am tired. My tired is TIRED.

Image result for there is no place like home

But I am HOME! HOME HOME HOME HOME. SO happy to be home. Did I mention I was happy to be home?? I am. I got in about 11 on Tuesday evening after flying on two flights (and sure I was going to miss the transfer to the 2nd flight so thank goodness Hobby is small).

Image result for happy dance gif
Me if I could get the energy to actually stand LOL

My husband wins the gold medal just from keeping everything alive. Check one fat happy buckskin still alive, two dogs and a cat. Check, Check, Check. Now to be fair last Tuesday before I even got to the airport in Memphis, said gold medal winner let my horse out (by mistake of course) and Remus went on a quick tour of the neighborhood. Yes down the drive, through the gate, and down the road and across the next road. Mark’s first text to me at the airport was Remus is fine and he is back in the barn. I was like what?? I am amazed that A) Mark ran after him for about 2 miles and B) That he was able to catch Remus so easily after the dash and C) That he remembered to grab a halter on his run out of the barn after that horse (I am not sure I would have). SO after that , Mark realized he had to make sure the barn door is closed when he goes into the stall to water. Lesson learned! But he made it through and so did all the animals! Thanks Mark!

Image result for mischief managed
Remus I am pretty sure…

Ollie was horrible without Gretchen the first few days (separation anxiety is a pain to blinds and doors) but once Gretch was back he was better. It is lots cooler here than in TX so it was actually great to go outside this am with the dogs and see my horse and do his stall and get him set for the day. Tate comes tomorrow so more exciting times to come!

The conference went pretty well and it was a whirlwind week but it was definitely HOT as can be there. Like so hot that hot feels cool. Luckily I was in AC most of the week and the only time I was outside was the three minutes it took me to walk from my hotel to the center except for yesterday.  HOT. SO HOT.

How hot was it? So hot this random dog was wearing shoes on his walk around town in the evening (He was carrying the bone but dropped it right before I took the photo LOL).

But I got to do some fun things to besides work myself to the bone. I got to do Happy Hour on Friday with Amanda and Karen (who I hadn’t met before) and Stacy (who I hadn’t seen in YEARS since I lived in TX) so that was great. These women do NOT mess around with their food choices btw!! (The desserts were to die for!).

And then yesterday I got to meet PRESTO. THE PRESTO. (And I have to give a shout out to Amanda for coming to get me not once but twice in downtown Austin. True friend (that Austin traffic is no joke)!

Presto and one of his donkeys
Henry showing off

Presto is so adorable and sweet (and a shit at the same time) but really a good yearling. I have tons of photos of him but honestly every one of them has the cross tie over his face or him spun around the wrong direction and he is such a yearling it was hard to get a great shot. But it was amazing to meet the great and powerful Presto finally. His forelock is as lush as it seems in photos and he loves scratches almost as much as Henry. Almost. We got to go on a walk and I was lucky enough (okay bullied) to ride Henry around the fields while she walked Presto. We also lucked out at that it was the only day that it was not 105 degrees by 8 am and there was a breeze. Win win!

Side eye game is on with these two!

After washing the boys off (I don’t know how Amanda has two horses I needed a nap after one morning there) we zoomed off for lunch which was yummy then Amanda dropped me off at my hotel where I got my shuttle booked and grabbed my bag back from the hotel. It was a great end to a long week!!! Thanks Amanda for carting me around (back and forth from the hotel) and Henry for letting me ride him and NOT spooking..much.

Do not let these two fool you!! They are both bad. LOL

I swear Henry is Dr. Evil at times and Presto is his MiniMe. I see a lot of fun (crazy, insane, what the heck is happening) blog posts from these two in the future. HA now I need to play catch up on everyone’s blogs!

Image result for dr evil and mini me gif

13 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week in Austin: Home Finally, Whew!

  1. Welcome home! I didn’t even notice you were gone… haha. Oops. Sorry. What is it it with escaping horses and husbands and business trips? Just think, if you stole Jiminy, you could have had Mark running after Remus AND Jiminy… And you thought no one would survive without you…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. welcome home! you are really calm about remus casually escaping. if i were your husband i may have… left that detail out on the midnight report especially since all ended well. i bet he had a heart attack!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try not to react too much to husband’s efforts to help out. I just wish I had had video of him running after Remus for a mile or more 🙂 HA HA HA (And i think he has been scarred by this episode (Husband NOT Remus who could care less) 🙂


  3. I can totally picture Remus running down your driveway ala the photo from the previous owner’s horses! HAHAHA what a turd and at least all was OK despite his misadventure. Sounds like a crazy work week, but at least you got to visit with Amanda and her ponies! That is great!


  4. OMG! Remus! So naughty! Your poor husband! Glad all turned out ok. Sheesh. Your week sounds kind of awful, but at least it finished up with lots of fun! SO jealous you got to me Presto and ride Henry! (And see Amanda)
    Welcome back to blogland! Can’t wait to read about Tate’s arrival!


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