It’s Tate Thursday: Happy Birthday to Me!

Image result for happy birthday gif to meTate arrives today. I hope he and Remus get along okay. I am sure Remus will be glad to have the company. The paddock is small though so hopefully they get along. And next on my list is a donkey or something just so I have three so if I haul Remus out one day they all don’t lose their minds or something like that.

Image result for goat beard gif
Resembles Remus a lot

Remus seemed to have survived a week with a newbie taking care of him just fine. I have a feeling as long as the water and food keep coming he is not so worried if his stall isn’t as picked over as I do it (I have a habit of going out several times a day to check on him and top his water and pick the stall out). I do think he missed me a bit however as he is back to nickering when he sees me.  But he is fat and sassy and other than needing a bath he seems pretty good. He is a bit feral looking right now with his longer mane and goat whiskers coming in (Are you telling us something buddy? Is Winter coming?? LOL).

Image result for happy birthday gif
Kind of how my older sister treated me LOL

Also happy birthday to me today, my husband, my sister, and my dad (Yes all on the same day). Crazy crazy. I actually almost forgot it was my birthday this week. Sad when you get that old you forget (being so busy might have been part of it).

Image result for go away gif
me to all bugs but mostly wasps!

Wasps are still horrible around my barn stall doors(and the house. We have treated them twice with the pest guy using the powder and also we have also sprayed the bejesus out of them with wasp spray. AND THEY KEEP COMING BACK. They are like the Terminator I swear. I am going to try the paper bags blown up that someone (sorry forgot who it was) suggested. Any other suggestions?? it is annoying and Mark got stung by one (not in the barn) last week. They are violent creatures and they need to go away. NOW.

Image result for Terminator gif ill be back
They just keep regenerating and coming back…just like Arnold!

Otherwise all is well. I was out feeding Remus last night and cleaning up and I had a doe about 10 feet from the back barn door, just watching me. Her ears were huge and she was so entranced by me doing hay, watering, and then sweeping. Then she sauntered on over to the neighbor’s property. I am pretty sure she is the one that was by my pond the other week. It is amazing how close they come up to you.

The weather is actually not bad (Or in comparison to AUSTIN it is freaking cold LOL). it is 76 out there this am and pleasant to even do stalls in. I know it will get hot later but these cooler mornings are delightful. I did buy a large aisle fan at Tractor Supply that has increased the air flow so much that it is much cooler in the barn even on the hot afternoons when the sun beats down on the barn. But in the morning it is lovely out there…I didn’t even leave a fan on in the barn last night.

Image result for delightful gif
Me about the weather. Anything under 100 degrees is delightful in fact 🙂

My goose seems to have left while I was away. Mark didn’t see him the whole time and I haven’t seen him since I got back. Bit sad about that but maybe he wandered off to explore other areas? Then I see things like this and think maybe not a bad thing he wandered off? LOL

Related image
Holy goose feathers that is a mean goose LOL


21 thoughts on “It’s Tate Thursday: Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! To you and apparently everyone you’re related to… That’s so crazy! My uncle and I share a birthday, and I thought that was crazy!
    Sorry about the wasps. They are no joke, and seriously why won’t they die?!
    Also, pretty please can you get a mini for number three?? I want one so bad, but can’t justify it. It seems you can… Can’t wait to see lots of Tate photos! I’m sure he and Remus will be just fine together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday!! That is crazy you share a birthday with your sister, father, and husband! I thought it was neat my oldest son shares a birthday with Dreamy and Snappy hahaha. Can’t wait to see pics of Tate!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy birthday to you and, well everyone in your family!!!! Hahahaha!!!! And OMG a snake?!?! I hope it was a black or a king snake bc they keep the copperheads away!!!! And the wasps in my barn and I have come to an agreement- don’t sting me or my horses and i’ll let you live so you’ll eat all the bugs 🙂 But if they break that rule it’s game over!!!! Bye bye wasps!!


  4. Happy birthday lady! Also I think it’s crazy that your Bday and your hubby’s are on the same day. Insane! I’m super jealous of your 76 degree morning… even at 7 am it’s like 88 here right now (as you well know- just being in Austin and all). Ah well… I’ll get to show off this summer when I’m riding in a T shirt in December LOL!


    Liked by 1 person

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