The New Odd Couple: Remus and Tate

very kissable nose

So yesterday was great, Tate got delivered promptly around 10 am  then after they left with the trailer I found/saw the snake in my tack room and never wanted to feed the horses again.  Remus also lost his shit when the TRAILER LEFT without the pony. He just knew someone else was on that trailer. Fool horse. LOLIMG_5659

First off this has to be the cutest pony I have ever seen. Like he is way too fat but otherwise he is adorable. He showed on the hunter circuit for a while but he is kind of retired now due to them not having kids that can ride him. So he came to help babysit Remus. I was told I could even hop on and ride him but I would squish him like a bug.

When he arrived, so shiny

Tate has impeccable ground manners and is a total love bug. When he arrived, I thought Remus might lose his tiny mind due to not seeing horses for a few weeks but neither of them paid much attention to each other. I put Tate in the front stall and locked him in while Remus could go in and out of his stall and meet through the bars. Nothing major happened. Tate likes his big stall and looking out the window and the stall front. He also enjoyed the hay rack.

Remus saying WHUT is this?

It was pretty boring so later on I swapped and let Tate out and put Remus in. Tate loved being out but the sun and bugs drove him in later. Then I just figured EFF it and turned them out together (There was zero issues). Remus squealed and leaped in the air once, Tate squealed back and that was it. They were both outside together for a while and were fine. In fact at one point they were in the same stall together.

Cutest pony and cutest buckskin around
no big deal
his forelock may rival Presto’s!

So far so good, these guys seem to be well matched. I just now need to figure out how to fix my fences so they can go out in the big field. I am having to supplement a lot of hay now that the paddock has been eaten down. NOT that either of them are starving LOL. Tate has such good manners I hope he rubs off on Remus a bit. Remus can be a bit bullish in the stall and Tate just waits politely. Good class shows 🙂 Tate is also neater than Remus in his stall. Remus has turned into a pig. So let’s hope Tate influences Remus to make smarter choices! HA Remus is definitely the Oscar and Tate is the Felix for sure.

How cute was he in leadline??

Oh and as to the snake? He was still there until last night. This am I could not find him  in there but I know that shit is still in my tack room somewhere. UGH.  He can go bye bye for sure. Then I went to the grocery store later and saw this. I texted Mark saying none of our Delaware grocery stores carry this type of literature HA!

what your grocery store doesn’t carry this? WTF OMG LOL 

The goose is gone and the snake is here (though not visible today unlike yesterday). I would rather have the goose. LOL for sure. ICK.

Happy Friday to all. May you have a horsey, non snake filled weekend! 🙂

25 thoughts on “The New Odd Couple: Remus and Tate

  1. Yay Tate! Glad it seems like he settled in well. Nice to have 2 easy-going horses on the property. I’m sure you are still recovering from Austin! I read up, but didnt comment. Thanks to jury duty, I totally fell off the face of the planet this week.

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  2. Tate is adorable. I want him!!! So shiny and so polite! Is that a pacifier in the kids mouth during lead line? Also, keep the snake around. Otherwise you’ll have tons of nice and rats in the feed room and no grain remaining

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    1. I totally thought of you with this pony HA. But he supposedly kind of got tired of little kids riding him so could just stop and graze and not listen to them. He is fine with older kids or adults.

      I know the snake can stay BUT he needs to stay out of view. Thanks so much. I had enough of watching him slither away yesterday. Scarred me for life. ICK.

      Tate will NOT be shiny for long. Those pellets definitely stir up dust in the stalls. He seems happy but is whinnying some. I think he is wondered where the other 20 horses went (He was at a big barn).


    1. no its a rat snake. WHO IS STILL IN MY TACK ROOM TODAY He is out bold as brass in the middle of the room. GO AWAY even if you eat mice. Just do it out of my sight. UGH. 🙂 And cutest PONY ever. SO CUTE.


      1. sara hates snakes with the passion of a thousand suns but i think they’re adorable. he’s probably way more effective than a cat as pest protection! you should give him a cute barn cat name like boots or name him after a famous racehorse 😛


      2. Sara and i would get along well. UGH i do not think they are adorable at all. I am fine if I don’t see them…..but me working in a feed room with a snake two feet away is not an environment I am comfortable being in. ICK


  3. OMG he is the cutest pony ever!!! (except for Ellie, so don’t tell her I wrote that haha). That snake would be dead already if it were in my tack room ugggggg!!! I found a small snake skin the other day by our front porch and almost decided to move out right then and there haha. And that was only a tiny piece of skin!! I hate snakes!!!!!!

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    1. yes i am trying to be positive as I know it is a snake that helps get rid of rodents BUT he needs to move out of my tack room. that is the one area in the barn that I go in 3-4 times a day besides the stalls. There is like 10 acres of woods surrounding us. GO THERE SNAKE. ICK (And I wont tell Ellie) 🙂


  4. I REALLY hate snakes. I mean, I get that we need them, especially after my rat difficulties over the winter…. But they should live outside and catch the rodents before they come in. This is fair for everyone! (Except maybe the rodents, but whatever.)
    Tate is ADORABLE! I might steal him. So glad they’re getting along, I bet Remus is happy to have a buddy again.

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    1. i hate them too. I prefer them to just stay away and do the clean up after I am out of the barn. UGH….(I did put some snake away in my tack room before I left to go out and he is not anywhere to be seen now. I am sure he just moved to the next room in the barn. But as long as I don’t have to see him and his flicking tongue (shudder) I am fine. UGH


  5. OMG so so so adorable I want him. I’m short! I fit ponies!
    And I agree, name the snake so you can think of him as a nice, happy, friendly snake (who will stay far away from you at all times).

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    1. he was gone and has been gone since i threw the bag of snake away into my tack room. I think he was in there for the frogs actually (we have more frogs than mice in this barn). But no matter, he is gone for now. The smell is horrid but I dont care. LOL So it definitely helps. I can’t imagine the smell bothers them that much but he did move on. Fingers crossed. I have seen way too much of that snake in the last 48 hours. If he stays out of sight he is fine to stay. 🙂 So it is worth a try the snake away!


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