Blog Hop: The Lives of the Rich and Famous (Millionaire Me)

Image result for lives of the rich and famous gifThanks Olivia for the blog hop idea. Who knew when you posted your post that this would happen? First Amanda, then Emily, then Kelly and even more jumped on this blog hop band wagon so here I go!

Image result for whee gif

I couldn’t get my shit together to get mine done on Friday but as I sat in my living room with the in-laws on Sunday (they ended up missing their connection in Chicago due to weather related issues so just arrived Sunday instead of Saturday) I figured I had better get hopping on blog posts. šŸ™‚ It has taken me three days to finish this one on Tuesday morning so yeah not too good am I? DISTRACTIONS APLENTY šŸ™‚

So what would I do if I won a million dollars? (Or more?) Well first thing thank goodness my first thought was not look for a new property. WHEW says Mark. I like our property just fine so would use those dollars toward improving said property. So let’s get on with it shall we? Rubbing hands together in anticipation…..


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I would love a professional ring put in. (The riding kind not the diamond kind LOL) Since we are fantasy time here, I won’t worry about the hills and elevation and how they would excavate it. THAT IS FOR ALL THOSE DOLLARS TO FIGURE OUT FOR ME RIGHT?

Image result for how do i do this gif?
Me while they lay out my make believe ring….

Since I am made of money now, I will go ahead and make it an indoor but I would do a roof and leave the sides open. Why not right?

Image result for riding ring install
yes please…

Doesn’t have to be this big but you get the idea right? The Tennessee heat wouldn’t melt us and if it was doing one of those torrential downpours we have been getting, I wouldn’t even get wet! Swoon….


Image result for somebody help me gif

I love walking out to to take care of my horses in my backyard. LOVE it. BUT, I would not mind some help now and again especially when I go away and poor Mark is left to take care of it all. Nothing full time but someone on call. And they can pull manes too that would be great. Remus is looking feral. Arghh And someone who would hop on Tate at the same time I ride would be good too so a little short groom? Maybe I can find a gnome? LOL

Image result for gnome gif


Would I want more horses? Well if I had help hell yes. What would I want? If money is no object I want a nice Morgan horse again. Something like this would do nicely thank you.

Related image

Also a nice Paint gelding would be great. Something Mark could ride would be even better. Been there done that. Louder the better color wise. Of course I wouldn’t say no to a cute baby as well! (Horse not human LOL)

Image result for overo paint sport horse

And then I have always loved the Welsh cobs and the Connemara crosses. OMG I would need a bigger barn as well! šŸ™‚

Image result for connemara cob
A nice Connemara or nice larger Welsh cob would also not be turned away!

Otherwise with my millions I would pay off our debt and also build a small modular house on this property for my dad to live in. AND GET THESE DAMN FENCES FIXED HERE (With enough money surely you can find someone to do that?) HA!

Maybe hire a raccoon wrangler while we are at it? Oh that money would be gone in no time! HA

Image result for no fences gif

This was a great topic to explore for sure!! I hope everyone had a great long weekend for Labor Day! I can’t believe it is September already!

Image result for robin leach gif
RIP Robin Leach, you have all the champagne and caviar you want now up there:)


19 thoughts on “Blog Hop: The Lives of the Rich and Famous (Millionaire Me)

    1. ooh i forgot that. NO I WOULD BUY A SMALL PLACE IN AIKEN and go there for three or four months in winter to see Sally šŸ™‚ HA HA HAHA

      and Jiminy I didnt thing you would sell him for a million dollars so wasnt wasting my moola on him HA HA

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  1. I admire your restraint- if I had a whole barn of my own it’d be filled in no time. My place would appear on Animal Hoarders and you’d see me on TV, patting one my thousand OTTBs with a blank stare and creepy grin saying, “Just one more, just one more…”

    I’m with ya on the ring. Diamonds are overrated, covered arenas are forever (barring a tornado or something).

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  2. lol Sounds not that different from my millionaire dreams. I’d have a fully indoor arena with freaking air conditioning and enormous skylights, though – I mean, covered arenas keep you dry as long as you don’t ride next to the rail where all the rain blows in… and they’re still hot in summer!

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  3. Your tone throughout this is hilarious. I definitely giggled all the way through after I read, “THAT IS FOR ALL THOSE DOLLARS TO FIGURE OUT FOR ME RIGHT?” Right! That IS for the money to figure out.

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  4. I admire your restraint with horses – I’d be loading up my shopping cart and doing self check out with zero shame. Friesian, Dutch warmblood, mini, etc etc etc


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