Why Pay for A Spa Day? Remus and Tate Do Their Own Mud Bath

Tate and his current beauty regimen…add mud and sprinkle with hay…

I can’t stand looking at these two anymore. What the hell were they thinking? Did they roll in that mud thinking it would help their skin tone?Their complexions? Keep the flies off?? ummm, just no.

What?? Tate says…

Horses are pigs. There I said it. Tate waits to come into a clean stall to pee and poops more than any horse on the planet (seriously he will have up to 10 piles in there in the am) and he churns it all around because he has to spin to see what is outside oh every 8 seconds or so (What is it that Tate thinks? DO I HEAR A COYOTE? A BIRD? A PLANE? OMG HELP ME REMUS spin spin spin). LIKE CALM DOWN PONY. Then he does the mud bog treatment. I just can’t deal.

Image result for pig in mud gif
I am not dirty they say YOU are dirty….(do you see the resemblance, I DO)!

And Remus is neater in the stall but I think he sneaks over to pee and poop in Tate’s stall at night. I would not doubt it for a second. #Sneakyassqhgelding


BUT GOODNESS THE MUD. I can’t even scrape it off yet because it gets sunny for ten minutes then the rain comes again. And the flies love the mud so I feel like telling them both they got what they asked for. Idiots.

Does this look good with my skin tone? Remus says

Is your horse a pig? Does he do spa day on his own? IS there a hazmat suit big enough to cover Remus in totality? Inquiring minds wanna know! HA

I left this one bigger so you can appreciate the mud in his EYELIDS! OH REMUS

Also my horse is a creeper. Or a stalker. You name it. This is what I saw when I looked out the kitchen window while cooking dinner Monday night. Fat Buckskin is going on a diet and soon. But he stalks me. I am waiting for him to come bang on the front door. He is just biding his time for his invitation inside the house. Not with all that damn mud on him. UGH

I spy something buckskin mud colored and overweight..
Psst hey you…want some candy? #stalker #creeper #toofat

Image result for pig in mud gif

26 thoughts on “Why Pay for A Spa Day? Remus and Tate Do Their Own Mud Bath

    1. ha haha i know you were the one who clued me in how FAT Remus is. The good thing is he has started eating Bermuda FINALLY…so i cut back on the other hay…:) HA HA HA and why would you lay in mud like that horses?? ICK

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  1. May is one of the cleanest horses I have ever met. She RARELY comes in with mud on her. I know she rolls, but she seems to prefer rolling on grass/weeds than in the mud I guess? I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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  2. Amber loves to stay clean. She’ll only ever have a poop or pee stain unless she got a little cold at night or had nowhere else to lay down and sleep. I’ve had to do that maybe…..3 or 4 times ever? I’m not complaining lol. BUT if there was a hazmat suit for horses Amber would’ve had one years ago LOLOL

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  3. Duke is the BIGGEST pig. He loves being muddy when he’s turned out, and when he stays in or we go to shows, I swear he poops five times an hour. (Which I refuse to complain about – if I do I feel like I’m just ASKING for him to colic lol). Oh and at shows he likes to sleep with his white parts in poo and pee so he gets at least 3 full baths per show. Plus green spot remover. Plus post-ride rinses. Good thing he’s so cute and such a gem.

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  4. Gem is sparkling clean. Never a speck of mud anywhere on her. Pete is gross and if you brush him he immediately rolls while looking you in the eye and basically giving you the middle finger. Eeyore I havenโ€™t seen him get dirty yet but he sweats more than any horse I have ever met. 10 seconds of walk work? Drenched in disgusting sweat from head to toe. He also poops a ton. More than Gem and Pete combined. Disgusting orange horse

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    1. ha its 57 degrees today and pouring rains. I left the stop drop and roll boys up last nite and they are still in their stalls this am munching hay! UGH talk about a swinging forecast (it was 90 two days ago)


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