My Horse Is A Shark: Jaws Has Nothing On Remus

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Remus is the big gray shark not the man…LOL

Horses are fickle creatures. Remus loves Tate. But he also hates Tate. And there are scars to show it. We extended the fence yesterday so they have a bit more space and a bit more grass. I went out to check this morning since the optical illusion of the fence made it look like Remus was on the wrong side (he wasn’t).

However, while out there I got to see my horse full on Jaws mode. It was not pretty. They came up for a carrot. Watch Tate’s face go from YUM to OH SHIT GOTTA GO.

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If you watched this slide show with Jaws music in your head….so did I! I had to put the phone down to get out of the way (don’t take that calm way Remus is walking up as oh hi mom it was like MOVE TATE!!). But that wasn’t the bad part. I took dogs out after this and Remus thought it was time to show off. So he first chased Tate into the corner of the field on the hill where Tate literally quivered not sure which way to go. Then Remus BIT TATE hard then took off with Tate back to the barn with mud and muck going every which way.

Goat whiskers are coming in. Tate has almost a full winter coat already. YIKES! ALSO eye goobers 🙂 HA

THEN Remus flew back past me the other way, trotting at one point with his Arab (HA) tail over his back and then cantering (he can’t gallop obviously) back with tail over his back. OF COURSE I HAD PUT THE PHONE DOWN INSIDE TO TO TAKE DOGS OUT so got none of that on photos. SIGH. But let’s just say for Remus he was cruising and I think we can say the cooler weather is making him a bit feisty. (I think I might not be the first one to swing a leg over that hunk of horse after all LOL he has some moves above the ground that made me stare and Ollie bark HA).

Who me, says Remus, DON’T BELIEVE HER!

But he was huffing and puffing afterwards so he is so out of shape he can’t do too much. But I hate that he is picking on Tate so much. Tate has scabs on his back and I thought it was from him itching on trees (he is an itchy pony) but it is from Remus playing wild stallion with him. UGH.

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Now Tate is up in the barn (he gave up with all that emotional crap out in the field) and Remus is king of his domain again out in the field. I know Remus wants to have a pal but dang he is a bully.  I hate that. Crazy ass buckskin. I locked them up last night just so I knew Tate would have a quiet night munching hay and not watching for Jaws to appear.  Plus it was 51 degrees last night with a chance of rain.

da dum da dum da da da……..(trying to get a photo of him, he came in a bit too close ya think?)

Do you have a horse who is a bully? What do you do? I know if Tate stood up for himself Remus would be in a fetal position. He is a bully but is also a wimp. HA. I did tell Mark once I figure out the paddock area and the footing,  I am going to do a fence in the middle of the two stalls so there is a place to separate them so they have their own space. Remus literally will move (as in herd) Tate from stall to stall all night otherwise. Brat horse.

IMG_6542 (1)
King of all he oversees (he thinks)

Thank goodness it is Friday. It sure seemed like a long week didn’t it? We have no rain today and it is cooler (supposed to warm up again next week) but the mud it is horrendous. ICK. I hope everyone else has exciting plans for the weekend. Enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “My Horse Is A Shark: Jaws Has Nothing On Remus

    1. UGH i hadn’t even thought about the blanket factor. Remus has like a zillion sheets and blankets I think Tate has one sheet and one blanket. This is not going to end well 🙂 HA HA thanks for the reminder:)


  1. A new horse got introduced to Opie’s herd a couple weeks ago and when I went to put Opie out in the field, he struck out at me because I still had his lead rope in my hand so he couldn’t spin around to get to the new horse. Needless to say he had the most intense CTJ of his life and hasn’t offered anything more than pinned ears to the new guy since. The boss mare is always scarier than the boss gelding, especially when she controls your cookie intake. 😉

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  2. Amber is certainly bossy to other horses. Older geldings are her fav, but I’ve never seen her be mean like that. She, being lazy and also quite smart, does only what she has to in order to be “on top”. She’s bossed the geldings around, but nothing more than a tail swish, teensy buck/kick and pinned ears is usually needed and then she’s in charge. I know though that if she ever got turned out with a mare/gelding who was truly a boss boss, she’d give up pretty quickly. Plus she wants her space, so half of the time she’s rude because she thinks other horses are in her space lol. I can’t offer any suggestions really tho. It’s just sort of herd dynamics I think, but maybe you can spray something nasty-ish tasting on Tate’s back that isn’t harmful to him so that maybe Remus bites him and gets a mouthful of gross? Hahaha I have no clue tho LOLOL

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  3. lol poor charlie just wants to be friends with everyone. my riding buddy’s little pony gelding is constantly threatening to literally bit charlie’s face straight off, and yet charlie persists in trying to touch noses and be friends….

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  4. Bad Remus!!! Poor Tate shaking like that. Gem and Pete are so low on the totem pole I worried when we used to board them. Heck even Nash pushed them around and bit them up. Maybe get a donkey to stand up to Remus HA!

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    1. Tate shakes at everything. A bird yep, a branch moving yep. He is the spookiest pony. And i think Remus figured that out real fast. I pulled up the drive earlier and they were both eating side by side in the field.I honestly think Remus shows off in front of me GRHHH 🙂 HA Nash pushing them around:) HA …i hope Nash is doing well!


  5. Shaking my fist at Remus!! My horse growing up was also always the bully of the heard, but I loved him dearly otherwise. Glad you pay attention though and separate them sometimes to give Tate a break. What a stinker Remus is.

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